(Clearwisdom.net) Several officers from the Baoshan District Police Department Domestic Security Division in Shanghai were staked out downstairs at Mr. Guo Xiaojun's temporary residence in Pujiang Town, the Minhang District, at noon on January 7, 2010. They immediately arrested Mr. Guo when he came downstairs.

After the arrest, Domestic Security Division head Qiu Feng led seven officers and personnel from the neighborhood committee to break into Mr. Guo's residence. They rummaged through the house for two hours, taking three computers, a printer, ten copies of Falun Gong books, discs, paper, an MP3 player, a U drive and other personal belongings.

Mr. Guo is a former teacher at the School of Electronic Information at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He was taken into custody in August 2000 for practicing Falun Gong and distributing information about the persecution. He was later given a five-year prison term, and held at Tilanqiao Prison.

After this recent arrest, Mr. Guo's family went to the Baoshan District Police Department to demand his release, but the officials refused, and told them that Mr. Guo had been placed under criminal detention and was being held at the Baoshan Detention Center.

The Baoshan District Police Department authorities were unable to present any so-called evidence proving that Mr. Guo had committed a crime; nevertheless they subjected him to arrest, home ransacking and criminal detention.

Relevant persons in charge:
Yao Zhirong, head of the Baoshan Police Department: 86-21-56698696
Qiu Feng, head of the Baoshan Police Department Domestic Security Division: 86-21-56691538, 28950334, 28950332, 86-13918276949 (Cell)
Head of the Baoshan Detention Center: 86-21-66860901