(Clearwisdom.net) After reading one of the flyers advertising Shen Yun Performing Arts, the Plante couple knew that they had to go see this world renowned show. "I've read a little bit about it [the show], studied a little Chinese and this is just such a treat to see--all this beautiful dancing and costumes. I really enjoyed it!" exclaimed Mr. Plante, who works in retail networks and security.

They joined the appreciative audience that packed the Merrill Auditorium in Portland on Sunday in expressing their delight with the show after seeing it for the first time. "It was just wonderful that it's over here and [we are] being able to see this. It's just such a wonderful thing to share, this culture," said Mr. Plante.

Mr. and Mrs. Plante at Merrill Auditorium

Mr. Plante was moved throughout the performance. "Oh my goodness, the last one I saw--the drummers [Drummers of the Tang Court] was beautiful, but they were all beautiful. I mean they are really something in their own way. Very well done."

Mrs. Plante chimed in, "He said it all--the costumes, the movements, it's all just divine. And learning about the culture, the way it's put together, is wonderful. I love it. It's just wonderful!"

Audience Struck by Traditional Chinese Culture

Also in the audience was Mr. Edwards, originally from Taiwan, who described the performance as remarkable, appreciating the high caliber of the show. He enjoyed seeing traditional Chinese culture on stage.

He helped explain the performances to his friend, Mr. Byke, from Maine. Mr. Byke is a trustee of a medical center, and is a patron of the arts. He helped organize the renovation of Merrill Auditorium in 1997 when it was going to be torn down to build a parking garage.

Mr. Byke shared how much he was enjoying the show and also that they had attended because the traditional nature of the show appealed to Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Pastrana, a clinical social worker, and his daughter Bianca also appreciated the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

Mr. Pastrana explained that the afternoon was a very new experience for him. He had learned a great deal about Chinese culture and history and was particularly taken with the depiction of China's ancient values. "I was also impressed with their beliefs, their belief system. You know the dance--putting it into dance . . . the Chinese history and dance."

Bianca commented on the beauty of the costuming and the dancing. "All the dancers were very professional," she said.

Mr. Pecci, a retired marine biologist, also enjoyed the show. "I thought it was great," Mr. Pecci said.

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