Accident Leads Villagers to See the Goodness of Falun Gong

In mid-August, in Changshan Town, Dong Gang City, Liaoning Province, Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang and her neighbor were riding bicycles back home. When they came to a hill, suddenly a villager with the last name of Liu, who was riding a motorcycle, crashed into Ms. Wang. Her head was bleeding, she had some wounds on her body, and she lost consciousness. Someone helped her to stand up, and Ms. Wang said, "You can go now. I am a Dafa practitioner. I'll be fine. I have Teacher protecting me."

Ms. Wang went home and listened to Teacher's Falun Dafa lectures for two hours, and she then miraculously recovered. She worked in the field the next day.

The event had a great impact locally. Due to the CCP's propaganda, some villagers had negative thoughts about Dafa, but they now began changing their understandings about the practice. They all now see that Dafa is good, and is miraculous. The person who crashed into Ms. Wang also went to visit Ms. Wang, bearing gifts. He told others that Dafa practitioners don't cheat people. Some villagers said, "You crashed into a Dafa practitioner today. If you had crashed into other people, you don't know how much money you would have had to spend." Many villagers began understanding more clearly that Dafa practitioners are good people and Falun Dafa is a righteous way. Some people also began studying Falun Gong.

Ms. Fang Cherishes Falun Gong Materials and Is Later Healed from the Practice

Ms. Fang is in her seventies. In order to reduce her children's burden, she often resold used merchandise to earn money, and over the years she sometimes retrieved discarded Falun Dafa truth-clarification materials, as she valued these materials very much. After reading the information carefully, she returned them to some Dafa practitioners she knew.

Beginning this January, Ms. Fang had some illness symptoms which the hospital diagnosed as uterine prolapse. She experienced pain every day and had continuous bleeding. She had difficulty walking. The doctor said she should have an operation, but since Ms. Fang couldn't afford the costly medical expenses, she had to postpone the operation.

After finding out about Ms. Fang's illness, a Dafa practitioner voluntarily lent her a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. That night she enthusiastically read many pages of the book before going to bed. The next day, after she woke up, she felt that her whole body was very light and all her illness symptoms had disappeared. Dafa's magical effect caused Ms. Fang to decide to begin studying Falun Gong. She also told her relatives and friends about how she benefited from Dafa.

Not long afterward, her illness symptoms re-appeared. She discussed her condition with other practitioners, and one practitioner told her to look inside and measure things with the principles of Dafa to find where she may have gone off course. The fellow practitioner told her that cultivation is a very serious matter, and also reminder her of the principle of committing to one discipline. Another fellow practitioner told her she should get rid of other cultivation materials in her home. After understanding this, she got rid of other materials in her home, and after doing so, she quickly recovered.

Since Ms. Fang had benefited so much from Dafa, she she decided to go to her hometown and share Falun Dafa with her relatives. So she prepared some copies of Zhuan Falun and some truth-clarification materials and CDs, and set foot on the road to her hometown.