(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner that takes care of technical issues for other practitioners. I have come to realize that I frequently lacked patience when dealing with people. Even if I don't show impatience sometimes, I still feel impatient inside. Especially when I see the same issue over and over again, I complain, "How can you be so stupid? You should know what has happened just by looking at it."

There is a family truth clarification material production site that is far from the city, which makes it difficult for me to get there. The practitioners have no technical knowledge and thus were perplexed by the simplest problems. In the beginning, I was pretty patient because I realized that my fellow practitioners and I were all working to save sentient beings. However, as more and more service calls were required, my impatience started to show.

This impatience manifests in different areas. For example, when a colleague at work asks me a simple question, I answer curtly or ignore the question for a while. I become irritated and impatient when a practitioner reads slowly during group Fa study. Also, I don't want to hear opinions that are different from mine, and I even argue with people to express my opinion.

Teacher told us to look inward when we encounter issues. Recently, we studied Teacher's earlier lectures in our Fa study group. When Teacher was asked shallow, sometimes even ridiculous questions, he patiently answered them one by one. I could not help but sigh, "Teacher really has patience."

After careful thinking, I realized that behind the patience is Teacher's great compassion. I understood that impatience comes about due to the lack of compassion.

So how can we become more compassionate? I believe it has to do with the number of attachments we have. How could one have divine compassion without getting rid of attachments? At the same time, compassion can also be reflected through our good cultivation state.

I hope all technically knowledgeable practitioners will compassionately and patiently help other practitioners to change from not knowing how to use the equipment to knowing. We should not only teach others how to use the equipment, but also how to service the equipment so that our tools can be better used in saving sentient beings.