(Clearwisdom.net) Two years ago a pimple appeared on my buttock and grew increasingly large. This tribulation was painful made me restless. I could not sleep and suffered physically and mentally. I wondered if I should use everyday methods to treat it, yet worried that other practitioners would look down on me if I did. On the other hand, the pimple grew at ferocious speed, and every day was hard for me.

During the most difficult time, I said to myself, "If I choose the human side, then I go to a hospital; if I choose the divine side then I leave myself in Master's hands and won't worry about it." Eventually I firmly chose to leave myself in Master's care and let go of that pimple. In the next few days I even forgot about it, as if it never was there. When I again thought of the pimple I touched it and found that it had mostly gone and was no longer painful.

This small incident during my cultivation validated the wonders of Dafa. I realized that one thought determines whether one is a divine being or human.

On the eve of the Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) escalated the persecution. I was illegally arrested. The moment I stepped into the detention center I said, "Master, I will definitely do well." I remembered Master's words, "Once you take up Dafa, whatever it is you encounter--good or bad--it is a good thing..." ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005") I had no fear and sent righteous thoughts whenever I had time. I measured myself with the standard of the Fa - to determine what I should do or not do, what I should say or not say, and did not cooperate with the evil's orders or what it instigated.

I recalled what Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference,"

"So as a cultivator, what is truly remarkable is when you can be steadfast and have righteous thoughts so firm that nothing can sway you. Be solid and firm like diamond, or granite, and then nothing can affect you--evil will be afraid at the mere sight of you. If upon encountering trying circumstances your thinking can be truly righteous, then, when faced with the evil's persecution and when faced with interference, just one sentence of yours fortified with steadfast righteous thoughts can instantly make the evil disintegrate (applause), and it will make those who are being used by the evil turn and flee, it will make the evil's persecution of you dissolve, and it will make the evil's interfering with you disappear without a trace. One thought born of righteous faith is all it takes. And whoever can hold firm that righteous thought and go the distance will become a magnificent god forged by Dafa."

At that moment I felt that Master was right by my side.

Since I had not corrected my home environment well, my husband would be upset whenever I did Dafa related things. Thus, I never dared to let him know of my involvement in projects that involved clarifying the facts to people. When I was arrested, the police deceived my husband with lies about Falun Gong and he attempted to force me to write a guarantee statement in a brutal manner. He could not coerce me, however, and instead, I measured myself with the standard of the Fa; even my fear of him vanished.

During my detention I only focused on two things--sending righteous thoughts and reciting the Fa. The next afternoon I was released, and my husband came to pick me up. His attitude had changed completely--he had no complaint or blame at all; instead, he took me to a restaurant and sent me home after the meal. Later on he acted as if nothing had happened. I again realized that the only safe way is to firmly believe in Master and the Fa. Master is safeguarding us all the time, but only by regarding ourselves as gods can Master protect us.

Once home, I took this experience as a good thing. I seriously searched inward and I discovered many problems. On the surface I had been doing the three things, but I did not truly do well on anything. When sending righteous thoughts I could not get into the right state of mind. I had not studied the Fa with a calm mind. I did poorly explaining the facts, too, as I had fear and lacked a sense of urgency. Upon discovering those shortcomings, I was startled. Recently, my body often experienced the state of sickness karma, making me realize that the old forces and dark minions took advantage of the loopholes in my cultivation. Of course Master does not acknowledge the old forces and neither do we, but how dare the evil persecute us in the form of sickness karma, if we meet Master's requirements and measure every thought and deed with the standard of the Fa?

I listened to "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners" again and came to many realizations. I am firmly determined to do the three things well, catch up with Master's Fa-rectification, and fulfill my prehistoric vows.

September 22, 2009