(Clearwisdom.net) Under orders from Liaoning Province Police Headquarters, Public Security police from Shenhe District Police Department in Shenyang City arrested more than ten Falun Gong practitioners in September 2009. Using techniques such as stalking, waiting in the dark, and using violence and a black hood, they arrested Mr. Guo Hongyan, Ms. Tu Xiujuan, Ms. Wang Chaohui, Ms. Wu Zhen, and several others.

Officers from the Shenhe District Police Department and Binhe Police Station went to the Shenyang School for the Blind on September 9, 2009, at 3:00 pm, to arrest one of the school's teachers, Mr. Guo Ning. They first beat him brutally, causing multiple injuries, and he went into convulsions. The police finally left the school without making an arrest. They then went to Mr. Guo's home and robbed the premises of 30,000 yuan in cash, a bank debit card, his ID, and other personal belongings. In the evening, they called his home to harass him, eventually making him decide to leave home to avoid further persecution.

Mr. Guo Ning, in his 40s, has practiced Falun Gong for years and is well known for his kindness. His handicapped wife works in the School for the Blind. Under police pressure, the school administration often harasses her family, demanding that she turn her husband in.

Also on September 9, at noon, about 20 officers from Shenhe District Domestic Security Team and from the Erjing Police Station arrived at the Huililai Bakery. They arrested Ms. Guo Hongyan and took her to the Shenyang Detention Center. Ms. Guo's father (the owner of the bakery) and an employee were also arrested but were released that evening. At night the police waited outside Ms. Guo's house for other practitioners, without success. That same day, two other practitioners, Ms. Liu and a practitioner nicknamed "Chubby Sister," were also deceived and arrested. They were detained at the Erjing Police Station.

Police arrested Ms. Tu Xiujuan and Ms. Wang Chaohui and searched their homes on September 9, 2009. Both of them are managers at the Heheyuan Realty Company. During Ms. Wang's arrest, Public Security Police from Shenhe District covered her head with a black hood, handcuffed, and assaulted her. Ms. Tu is now being held at the Shenyang Detention Center, and Ms. Wang at a brainwashing center called "Shenyang Legal Education School" in the Zhangshi District. Both of them started hunger strikes to demand their unconditional release. Police formally arrested Ms. Tu on September 22, 2009.

Practitioners Ms. Wu Zhen and her daughter in Shenyang were arrested at home the afternoon of September 23, 2009. Shenhe Public Security Bureau agents and those from the Shandong Temple Police Station took them to an unknown location. Seven other practitioner were also arrested later on.