(Clearwisdom.net) Before the Olympic Torch Relay came to my area, I sent forth a righteous thought that I would only walk along the path arranged by Master and I would never allow the evil forces use any excuse to persecute me.

I had given in once to the evil regime, and I didn't know whether the evil forces would have other ways to test me. However, I was determined to have a firm belief in Master, and wouldn't think about it further. I decided to do the three things sincerely according to Master's requirements.

Two days before the Olympic Torch Relay arrived in my city, as I was working one of my colleagues told me that CCP agents from my neighborhood spoke to her, trying to get information about me. She didn't tell them anything and covered for me. She loves to read the truth-clarification materials, and also has quit the CCP and its related organizations. When I heard that she had protected me, I felt so glad for her righteous thoughts.

Although the following day should have been my day off, my supervisor asked me to work the next day--the day the Olympic Torch Relay would pass through. I later learned that the police intended to search my home and arrest me. My supervisor thwarted them saying I needed to work the following day. And so I was saved from an illegal arrest.

When I later reflected on this with a calm mind, I felt from the bottom of my heart that it was Master that protected a coward like me. He did not even allow corrupt police to have an opportunity to see me face to face.

My daughter asked me to write down what had happened to me to encourage practitioners who don't hold a firm belief in Master in the face of persecution. My daughter also said that although she hadn't done the "three things"very well, she always held a firm belief that Master would surely protect her. So, when she goes with me to validate Dafa, she always feels peaceful and secure.

My daughter asked me to tell fellow practitioners who haven't been steadfast or held a firm belief in Master and Dafa, that even if we have omissions or loopholes, Master is always taking care of us. We can certainly rectify ourselves according to the requirements of Dafa, and Master will never allow any persecution and tests by the evil forces. We cannot acknowledge the persecution's existence. Instead, we should send forth the strongest righteous thoughts and hold a firm belief in Master and Dafa.

We are Dafa disciples chosen by Master in the Fa-rectification period, and we only walk along the path arranged by Master, especially when we are facing the evil's persecution. We should strengthen our righteous thoughts and should not think that Master will not take care of us if we have omissions or haven't done well. If we do, our hearts will become unstable and we might unconsciously acknowledge the evil's persecution and unnecessarily increase our tribulations.

Master is great and compassionate. He takes care of us even when we fail to cultivate ourselves very well. Master hopes that we can eliminate the evil and stop the persecution as soon as possible. Therefore, we ourselves also should strengthen our righteous thoughts and never let the evil forces take advantage of any excuse to persecute us.

My fellow practitioners, please point out anything improper.