(Clearwisdom.net) The brainwashing base in Beijing's Haidian District is located in the sanatorium connected to China's nuclear industry by the Bei'an River. Typically, each brainwashing session lasts three to five weeks, with Falun Gong practitioners isolated from one another and subjected to more than a dozen hours of intense brainwashing a day. Three "instructors"--two collaborators and one employee--are assigned to "educate" one practitioner. Three more employees are ordered to keep practitioners under 24-hour watch. The daily cost is as high as over 2000 yuan, so for a four-week session, the average expense would run up to 56, 000 yuan in taxpayers' money.

The persecution in the brainwashing center is conducted in two phases. The first is intense efforts at brainwashing and the second is to force practitioners to provide information about other practitioners.

In the brainwashing phase, collaborators who had once studied Dafa are used to "educate and "transform" practitioners. Since these collaborators were once practitioners, they know how practitioners think and act. Through years of practice, they have experience at "educating and 'transforming,'" and they are able to figure out fairly quickly what the imprisoned practitioners are thinking by talking to them. Based on that, they work out an attack plan. The purpose of brainwashing, through lies and violence, is to shake practitioners' faith in Dafa and force them to give it up. It is intended to destroy them psychologically, so as to lay the groundwork for the second phase.

The Clearwisdom/Minghui website has published many articles exposing brainwashing details used in the first phase, so here the focus will be on the second phase--forcing practitioners to provide information about other practitioners.

Some practitioners could not withstand the first phase. Even though they unwillingly agreed to be "transformed," they collapsed psychologically, tormented by the fact that they had given up their faith, guilt-ridden that they failed Master Li. Under systematic pressure, and because of their unwillingness to let go of their attachment to reputation and self-interest, these muddled-headed practitioners divulged information, causing irrevocable losses.

Their tricks do not work on practitioners who dare give up everything. And those practitioners who have been persecuted before know their methods only too well, so those in charge can't get anything from them, either.

To practitioners who have given in, the persecutors will not let them off the hook easily. They will continue to force these practitioners to inform on others, telling them that this is the litmus test of whether one has been truly "transformed." In order to get practitioners to provide information on other practitioners, they say things like, "If you tell us about others, we will not punish you for what you did, and you can go home safe" or "We are well aware of what you've been doing, but would like you to confess to us and tell us about others. If you don't, the punishment will be harsher."

They may also verbally attack practitioners for days on end, accusing them of pretending to be "transformed" and telling them, "If you don't tell us all we want to know, you will never get out of here." They use these threats repeatedly to break practitioners' will.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party stated clearly that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is ruthless in persecuting its own people. In their purging movement in Yanan, an old communist was forced to tell on his comrades. In the end he broke down and snatched up the gun on the table in an attempt to kill himself.

So one should never think that, as long as one agrees to be "transformed," they will treat that person well. That won't be the case. They will go even further to break this practitioner psychologically to make him give up Dafa and betray fellow practitioners, so that this practitioner will never have the courage to become a cultivator again even if he wants to.

If a practitioner tells them about one practitioner, even one that he hardly knows, they will ask further questions and start from there to get more clues about more practitioners.

In other words, if you tell them about one, they will force you to tell them about two, then three, etc.

So the best way to deal with them is to tell them nothing, give them no hope. It doesn't matter how many clues they may already have, a practitioner should just keep from telling them anything and it'll save him from further trouble.

A practitioner should not have any illusions that if he tells them about fellow practitioners they will keep their word and let him go home. Most probably they will send him to forced labor or even prison based on what he tells them. Instances like this are numerous and painful, so practitioners must not buy into any of their lies. As for the CCP's methods of extorting a confession, even ordinary people know that what really happens is: If you confess, you'll go to jail for the rest of your life; if you keep silent, you'll go home and celebrate your new year.

That is why, when faced with such a terrifying situation, a practitioner should have firm belief in Master and the Fa, and should never waver, not even for a moment. Psychologically, he or she should never submit to the pressure, no matter how hard the circumstances are. As long as one keeps his faith firm, he will have a strong will and won't be taken advantage of. Practitioners should remember this: Never tell the evil anything substantive, because that will be used as evidence against you in court. Also, never betray your fellow practitioners. In fact, the authorities have revealed what is actually being "transformed," what fake "transformation" is, and what the litmus test is.

To those who have given in, the authorities will want them to become instructors in the brainwashing center and trick them by saying, "We consider you truly 'transformed' only if you help out with brainwashing others." Besides, security agents will want them to be their informants. If a practitioner reveals other practitioners' information, they will threaten to expose this practitioner if he refuses to continue to cooperate with them. So, for practitioners who are released unharmed from the brainwashing center, other practitioners should be careful around them, at least for a period of time.

There is a collaborator in the brainwashing center in Haidian District, whose name, Haiyan, has appeared in Clearwisdom/Minghui articles. But her last name was not given. We now know that her last name is Yan, so her whole name is Haiyan Yan. She is around 40 years old and from a village in Yanqing County.