(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Gong practice site located at the Luodang middle school in Yilan Township, Taiwan, was founded in 1999. All practitioners at this site have benefited from cultivating in Dafa, both physically and mentally, and new practitioners are no exception. In recent months, two new practitioners began practicing Falun Dafa at this practice site and they shared the following report with others a few days ago. From their personal experiences, we can witness the magnificent and supernormal nature of Dafa.

Ms. You's Story

Ms. You obtained the Fa in September, 2007. For the past ten years or so, she has been taking care of her eight grandchildren at home. She was relieved when the youngest child she was caring for started kindergarten, and she was looking for something to do in her spare time. The first thing that came to her mind was exercising to improve her health. However, most of the exercises she saw being done in the parks required bending at the knees and the waist. She had difficulty doing these exercises due to her previous knee operations.

One day, she saw an introduction to Falun Dafa on TV. As she was watching the demos, she thought, "I should be able to do these exercises." Later, she learned that there was a practice site nearby and went there with her husband to learn the practice.

Ear Discharge, Insomnia and Knee Problems Cured

After practicing for three weeks, she discovered that her ears, which had been discharging fluid for over 50 years, suddenly became dry. She was completely surprised. At around the age of seven or eight, she had fallen into a hole while playing near a brook and water got deep into her ears and broke the ear drums. From then on, her ears discharged fluid every day, and she had to clean them with cotton swabs. The doctor said that she needed surgery to repair her ears, but she thought that she could get by without surgery. So, day after day, the symptoms persisted, for over 50 years.

After she had been practicing Falun Gong for less than a month, she felt an itchy sensation in her ears, but they were dry. She wondered how her ears could have become normal again. She told her husband that her ears no longer discharged fluid. He told her to wait a little longer and that the symptoms would probably return. Ms. You told him that since she'd been practicing Falun Gong for four months her ears were now fine, and they have been fine ever since.

In addition, Ms. You said that she had been tortured by insomnia for the past few years. She was under a great deal of stress while taking care of her grandchildren all day, and that caused her to lose sleep during the night. But after her grandchildren moved on, the insomnia did not improve. After learning Falun Gong, she found that she was able to go to sleep after returning from the exercise site. When she got up, she felt energetic and could even sleep again in the afternoon. In the past, she could only watch her husband enjoy his rest while she remained sleepless, but now she could go to sleep whenever she wanted. She was afraid to drink tea before going to sleep and was worried that it would make her alert, but now even if she drinks tea at night, her sleep is not affected.

Grateful for Teacher and Dafa's Salvation

In December of last year, fellow practitioners at the practice site encouraged Ms. You to go to Taizhong for the Fa Conference and parade in support of the Chinese people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party. Before she registered for the event, she shared the idea of participating in the parade with her husband. He told her to think twice because her feet would not allow her to walk long distances in the past. Previously, she had to rest a few times on her way to the nearby market to shop for groceries, otherwise, her knees and legs would become sore and painful, and she could not bend them at all. Sitting in the lotus position during righteous thoughts and the fifth exercise was previously impossible for her, but even still, Mr. You did not believe that she could follow through with the parade. He even told her, "You are overweight. If you cannot walk any further, I would not be able to carry you!" However, his words did not shake her determination and she still left as planned. On the day of the parade, she first held the banner at the press conference and then marched with the others through downtown Taizhong. Ms. You did not feel any discomfort in her knees after several hours of activity. She witnessed the magnificence of Dafa and was deeply grateful toward Master for giving her a new life.

After only a few months' cultivation, Ms. You said that her chronic illnesses had all been cured. Her mind and body have been set free and she has never had been so happy as she is now. She read at a slower pace and could not keep up at the group Fa study, but back at her home she would read the same chapters over again carefully. The more she read them, the more she loved to read further.

The Story of Ms. Wang

Ms. Wang obtained the Fa after attending a parade in support of the Chinese people who had quit the CCP, which was held in Gaoxiong City in August, 2007. Ms. Wang's husband started cultivating Falun Dafa five years ago. Since then, they had gone their own ways, with Mr. Wang doing the exercises and Ms. Wang doing her own things, with no mutual interests. After Mr. Wang retired, she often asked him to accompany her, but he would excuse himself, claiming that he was busy. She felt that there was a barrier between them and knew that their marriage would be extremely strained if things continued like this.

A Supernormal Experience Provides an Opportunity to Start the Practice

Ms. Wang decided that in order to change the situation, she should take the initiative. In August last year, when her husband was away at a parade in Gaoxiong in support of the the Chinese people who had quit the CCP, she thought that they could go together and maybe take the opportunity to see Gaoxiong. On their way there, rain poured nonstop. She thought to herself, "How could they have a parade under such harsh weather conditions?" Mr. Wang told her that Dafa is supernormal and that she would see that in the future. When they arrived in Gaoxiong, right before the event started, the rain suddenly stopped, and once they reached the end of the route and rolled up the banners, it began pouring down again. This incident shook her to her core, because she experienced firsthand the wonder and the supernormal nature of Dafa.

When they returned, Ms. Wang asked Mr. Wang if she could read a copy of Zhuan Falun. She said that Mr. Wang once enticed her to read Zhuan Falun, but she never gave it a thought. This time, she was not reading it for her husband--the urge to read came from deep inside. After reading through the book, she felt the immense benevolence of Master and decided to start cultivating right away.

Ms. Wang said that during the past decade or so, she had gone to "work" every day after her husband left for his job in the morning. So, where did she go? The stock trading market. She was very punctual and reported there every day for many years, and she treated the trading of stocks as a job. However, the second day after she started practicing Falun Gong, she sold all of her stocks and never went back to the trading center again. She realized that the games people play with money in stock trading resembles gambling and she felt it did not conform to a cultivator's xinxing level. Following her husband's guidance, Ms. Wang learned to log onto forums on-line to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to people living in China. Today, the Wang couple goes to the practice site together every morning and their cultivation in Falun Dafa has become the most cherished predestined relationship between them.