(Clearwisdom.net) I believe that there are quite a few practitioners who are still attached to their human sides, maintaining human concepts, and influenced by human notions when saving sentient beings.

Relying on Human Democratic Political Systems

Practitioners are still muddleheaded, although Teacher talked about the subject several times and suggested that practitioners let go of their human sides and not rely on earlier acquired notions.

For instance, a practitioner and I recently shared understandings. She said, "We should not rely on non-practitioners." Then, after a while she said, "The president is not a good person. The persecution of Falun Gong is such a major issue, and yet he doesn't support us." The thought came to me that I felt sorry for the president. But that was not the problem. Practitioners need to come to understand that this persecution cannot be ended by non-practitioners.

The way I read the practitioner's dissatisfaction, her feelings stemmed from the hope that he would support our cause. Isn't that reliance on non-practitioners? This same issue has repeated itself over and over. I think, people who neither do bad nor good things need to be responsible for themselves. Based on such an assumption, practitioners should feel sorry for sentient beings rather than complain about them.

Looking at the situation, there are several concepts involved, including "democracy," "human rights" and "freedom of belief." These type of "Mi Xin" [blind faith] are not practitioners' methods. We should be clear on one point, and that is not to use non-practitioners' concepts to clarify the truth. We should recognize people's attachments and use methods that help them accept the truth more readily.

Practitioners should hold compassion for these people in their hearts, but not rely on them to resolve our issues. Otherwise, isn't that equal to asking non-practitioners for help to do what we should accomplish during the Fa rectification period?

Pay Attention to The Evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Teacher mentioned in the recent lecture to Australian practitioners that some of us are not clear concerning our responsibilities as Fa rectification disciples. We take the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, because it is a tool to destroy CCP's regime, as more important than saving sentient beings. We need to realign our thoughts towards saving sentient beings and take disposing of the CCP as a means toward the end, and not the end itself.

Even after listening again to Teacher's Fa in the lecture to the Australians, some practitioners still hold on to the thought that we should destroy the CCP regime. I see two types of attachments here.

1) One is that they hate the CCP because their families or friends were persecuted and they are emotional on the issue. But we are supernatural beings. If we align ourselves with supernatural beings the destruction of the CCP is minute or almost nothing. If we hold such hate aren't we belittling our cause and ourselves? Is it really worthy of our hate?

2) Another reason is the attachment to fear. They hold fear in their heart. Therefore, they return to non-practitioners way of thinking: "If the CCP is gone, we might be comfortable."

Why don't some practitioners come out to clarify the truth? Why do they change the topic when the subject of installing a satellite dish for NTDTV for their families comes up? Isn't that a kind of fear? They think that "clarifying the truth or installing a satellite dish to watch NTDTV will result in persecution." This is just human "logic." Clarifying the truth or installing a satellite dish to watch NTDTV will not result in persecution. If such actions result in persecution, it most likely is a xinxing [mind or heart nature, moral character] issue. It is just like getting a cold. It is not that one coughs because of the cold, but because of paying off karma. The description "cold" is just an excuse for hiding the true cause of an illness. They hold the wrong reason in their mind, so the evil can find a loophole to persecute them.

Relying on CPP Leaders or "Important People"

I heard practitioners talk about something that Chinese President Hu and Prime Minister Wen said. It had to do with the human rights torch or the interim Chinese government that was formed recently. They appeared very excited discussing such subjects. They repeated something from the Minghui Journal, "Someone speaks out in support of us." I realized that this excitement was not because this person knew the truth, but because he/she relied on a human notion and was satisfied with a change originated by non-practitioners.

Being Snubbed

In 2003, my co-workers accepted a chance to reorganize and embrace competition. I saw in that a kind of persecution of practitioners. Most of those selecting staff refused to consider me, though they were very well aware of my personality and ability. I didn't deny this type of persecution, so the situation did not change and I ran into problems. The managers who chose me for their staff felt that "We had a good relationship in the past, but some now consider it a problem. If I don't help you, I would no longer be held in good esteem by friends." Such thoughts are a human attachment. The old forces put them under pressure, putting us in an adverse position. At the same time, a lesson was taught to sentient beings about "evil is met with evil or good deeds are rewarded."

With time, I gradually understood the situation from within the Fa and the situation changed. It was rumored that competition for jobs would happen once every two years. More than two years have passed, however, and nothing has happened. Many co-workers are puzzled, but I understood what happened.

In 2003, when employees were reassigned, because I hadn't denied the old forces arrangements, the new manager assigned me to a remote material office site rather than to the front lines. He knew that I was firm in my practice of Falun Dafa. I didn't want to talk to him face to face, but I had some understanding based on the Fa. Somehow we just didn't find a chance to meet though he still wanted to talk with me. Unfortunately he was laid off.

The new manager talked to me in private, "The Falun Gong issue is like the Cultural Revolution. We should keep aloof." At a later time, I realized that he respected me, but still wanted to persecute me. I met Dafa's standard at that time, so the evil could not take any advantage of me. That person could not persecute me.

From another point of view, if a practitioner has a loophole, the evil would take this as an opportunity to have a bad person persecute the practitioner. If a decent person in this position doesn't persecute practitioners, the evil will have this person transferred because he/she couldn't break the rule. The evil will arrange for a person who can be controlled easily to be brought in and have him/her persecute practitioners. We should deny this arrangement. Non-practitioners are not a tool to be controlled by the old forces. The old forces use practitioners' attachments to mess with righteous factors and so influence the Fa-rectification. If we don't break out of the old forces arrangements, it will throw roadblocks into our path to stop us from clarifying the truth effectively.

We repeatedly share Teacher's Fa: "As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A."). We are the main factors that effect change. We are the main influencing factors. For example, someone said that he achieved a high status. Looking at such a remark from within the Fa we realize that he just chose his future. He will not change the situation of Fa-rectification.

Let's talk about the issue of electing presidents in the USA or Taiwan. Our righteous thoughts may affect if a good or bad person is elected, or if a good or bad thing is the end result in some kind of situation. If we don't have attachments, the righteous environment will protect everything and choose the best result.

Another reason why practitioners affect the outcome in some situations is that they don't realize they are supernatural beings. Their righteous thoughts are not strong and they don't know the power they have. Sadly, they take themselves as normal people or even lower than normal people.