(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts recently presented three Chinese New Year Spectacular shows at the Nokia Theatre in Dallas, Texas. The performances won acclaim from people of all walks of life, and many audience members stated that the dancing and music were not only graceful but touched them to tears.

Psychology Professor: the dance about the persecution moved me to tears

Dr. Yung-fei Kao

Dr. Yung-fei Kao, who is in the Psychology department at Northeastern State University, Oklahoma, came to see the show with her friend. She said that the whole performance was very good, including the dancing, music, and backdrops. What touched her to tears was the dancing showing three women Falun Dafa practitioners who were persecuted in China. She said that the performance was so real that she could feel the suffering, which she said, "touched people's hearts."

Accountant: the dancing was very nice

Accountant Diana

Accountant Diana brought her three daughters to see the show and said that the dancing was very nice. She said that the stories depicted in the dancing were easy to understand. Her three daughters liked the dance "Drummers of the Tang Court."

Survivor of Hurricane Katrina: "I am fortunate to see the show."

LLoyd Coleman from New Orleans

LLoyd Coleman from New Orleans is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and currently resides temporarily in Arlington, west of Dallas. Lloyd said he missed his home in New Orleans. He said that he was fortunate to see the nice show. What he liked most was tenor Guan's song. He understood the meaning of the lyrics from the English translation on the backdrop, even though the song was sung in Chinese.

Two ladies watched the show and wished to come again next year

Martha Mannewitz and Britney Kent

Martha Mannewitz and Britney Kent are sisters-in-law. They also attended last year's Chinese New Year Spectacular show, and after hearing of this year's show, they were excited to inform their family, who bought tickets for them as a Christmas gift. Younger sister Britney said that the whole show was phenomenal. They said that the theater was so huge and the tenor's song was so loud, powerful and touching. Martha said she liked the dance "Risen Lotus" - where a beautiful girl was beaten by thugs wearing th communist party symbol, but she rose to heaven later. Martha was touched.

Both said they would come to see the show again next year.

Korean Ph.D student in Electrical Engineering: "Chinese culture is so profound."

Woonki, a Korean student from the University of Texas at Arlington, studying in the Department of Electrical Engineering, exclaimed that Chinese culture was so profound and the moral values shown in the performance should be followed by all human beings.