(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Xu Jiling is from Cao County, Shandong Province. She is currently detained in Shandong Province First Women's Labor Camp and has suffered a mental collapse. The camp administration is hiding this fact from the outside world. Ms. Xu's family has not learned the tragic news.

Shandong Province First Women's Labor Camp is located at 20-Jiangshuiquan Street, Licheng District, Jinan City. It is an evil den that tortures Falun Dafa practitioners. The director, Hao Daofang (gender unknown), and guards (all female) Sun Juan, Sun Junli, Liu Jianhui, Liang Qiaoling, Geng Xiaomei, Shi Yongmei, Li Yu, Yang Xiaomei, Zhang Hongfang, etc., brutally torture practitioners with 14-15 hours of hard labor every day.

The main product at the labor camp is stuffed animals. Each detained practitioner must finish 20-30 per day, otherwise points are deducted, which results in extended detention. Practitioners are exhausted every day, and some cannot bend their fingers. The guards even force them to do 15-16 hours of labor at times, despite the camp openly posting the labor time at 6.5 hours per day on the bulletin board. This is a blatant lie.

Besides the hard labor, practitioners are also being inhumanly tortured. At midnight on January 22, 2007, four to five guards took turns beating one female practitioner with a thick wooden club until the club broke in half. The guards first stuffed the practitioner's mouth with a towel so that she could not scream and threatened her not to tell anyone.

Several collaborators who accepted the brainwashing under the persecution are also being used to torture practitioners. They are Sun Yunxue and Zhang Yaqin, both from Lunan County under Linyi City, and Yang Jingfeng from Jinan City. These collaborators turned to the evil side due to their self interests. They tried to force practitioners to write statements promising to give up Falun Dafa, otherwise they would beat them. They wrote statements themselves, and then forced practitioners to put their fingerprints on them. Zhang Yaqin is especially evil, because she adds an additional two tasks to those otherwise required of practitioners (which means if 20 toys per day are required, she requires 22 toys per day).

Zhang Yaqin's husband, Fu Tinguo, 86-539-7650332

March 1, 2007