(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese people are our focus in promoting the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular. Due to the dwindling remaining evil, it is concentrating in Chinese communities and undertaking its last resistance. As soon as this last battle front fails to sustain itself, the root of evil in New York will be fundamentally expunged.

The Importance of Going Door-to-Door

We recently passed out a great many flyers and NTDTV special feature articles in New York's Chinatown, which has had an impact on the entire community. People are all discussing the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, and there are some negative comments circulating as well. Some say we are politically involved, some say NTDTV is associated with Falun Gong, etc. This is similar to cleaning house. There is always some dust left after the first sweep. If one wants to make the room cleaner, one must wipe the surface at least once more. When we walk to every door in Chinatown, we promote our tickets, clarify the truth, thoroughly cleanse the evil factors from people's minds, and fundamentally eliminate the factors' resistance. As Chinese people come closer to the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, the ticketing situation totally improves.

Untying Precious Chinese People's Knots One by One

(1) A company manager changed from "I do not watch NTDTV" to "I need to take a good look at NTDTV"

One company manager asked after he heard my introduction, "Are you the ones that were sitting across (from the Embassy) with lotus flowers? How do you report on Falun Gong? Positively or negatively?" I answered, "We report the truth of the persecution in China." He said, "Then I will not watch it if you report positively (on Falun Gong.)" He then expressed his misunderstandings concerning Falun Gong.

I spoke to him about the CCP's deceptive propaganda and about NTDTV returning true history to the society, such as how the film series Blood Stained Every Inch of the Land, its broadcast of the June 4th Tienanmen Massacre to Mainland China (for the first time), and how NTDTV reported Christian and human rights activists and Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China. Finally, he said, "I need to take a good look at NTDTV."

(2) At a sewing factory, 100-200 people learned about the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular

We stepped out onto an apparently deserted floor. The hallway was so quiet it seemed like no one was around. We pushed open the door anyway and were shocked to find a room full of seamstresses. We passed out our flyers one by one, and we let them see our promotional DVD clips to introduce our Spectacular. About 100 to 200 seamstresses joyously accepted the information.

We came across several such sewing factories, and each had several dozen to more than one hundred seamstresses. There was always someone in each factory who bought our DVDs.

My personal understanding is that the evil looks massive on the surface, but it is actually very weak. These people often have a concept forced upon them by the CCP, but when you respond, they don't have any wherewithal to continue the game. These groups are tightly controlled by the CCP, but only a few are die-hard CCP followers. They cannot stop the whole group from hearing the truth once we clarify the truth to every one of them. The fact that we sold several DVDs in each of these groups is proof.


One manager wanted to buy tickets for all of his employees. He kindly invited us to undo each knot in the employees' hearts, so that they could understand what kind of show the NTDTV Spectacular is.

When we arrived at a clinic after hearing our introduction, the manager said, "NTDTV, I watch it every day. Your show is wonderful. I will go to the Spectacular."

A newly opened shop expressed a desire to sign an advertising contract with us. The supervisor stopped the local manager after he reported his idea. We finally met with the supervisor during our door-to-door visit. We had a pleasant conversation. He said he would consider advertising with us in the near future.

The iceberg over China is quickly melting. The evil cannot stop the trend because we are clarifying the truth to everyone.

February 2, 2007