(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, Fellow Practitioners!

When I saw the announcement on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website about the "Fourth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China," I had the desire to participate. I want to share with everyone some wonderful stories and experiences I had during the process of setting up a production site for truth-clarification materials at my home.

A Wish Came True

As the Fa-rectification progresses, the information materials for clarifying the facts need to become better and better. I used to spend half a day on the road just to get materials from fellow practitioners, and I usually ran out of them in a few days. I wanted to learn how to produce these materials myself in order to resolve the shortage issue.

However, it was easier said than done. I did not know anything about computers. I had always disliked computers and been afraid of using them. In addition, there are always articles on "Minghui Weekly" reporting about practitioners being arrested at these material production sites and the sites being ransacked. That only increased my fear factor. But I also knew that all these obstacles I was facing were a result of my selfishness, fear, and other attachments. I had to break through and get rid of them in my cultivation. Teacher said,

"The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Drive Out Interference" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I realized that only through studying the Fa more was I going to overcome my selfishness and raise my level. During Fa study, I enlightened to the true meaning of why Teacher had told us to change our notions. Teacher said:

"As the Righteous Fa spreads,
Untold fiends try to impede,
Yet sentient beings
do still gain salvation,
And human notions change,
The degenerate things purged,
Brightness now shines forth." ("Born Anew," "Hongyin" )

It was my wish and duty to eliminate the attachment of fear and the human notion that was formed over thousands of years to set up a family truth-clarification material production site. Once I enlightened to this, I was full of righteous thoughts. All the difficulties seemed to disappear.

I already had a computer but I needed to learn the technology. I learned from my daughter (also a practitioner) how to get on the Internet and download materials, and how to type Chinese characters on the computer. I was determined to break away from notions such as I was not well educated and I was too old, and just do what a practitioner should do.

I suppose Teacher saw my determination. I met a fellow practitioner who knew the technology. He helped me to install a printer and CD burner. He showed me the steps to use the equipment. I also wrote down some notes. After he left, I followed the steps he had showed me, but no matter how I clicked, the printer did not work. What was I to do? The practitioners I knew were pretty much like me, in their 50s and did not know anything about computers.

After some thinking, my only option was to ask Teacher to help me. I washed my face and hands and burned some incense. I asked Teacher to show me how to print. After that, I went back to the computer and clicked around, and the printer worked. The first copy of the "Minghui Weekly" was printed. Tears of joy started to flow and I did a heshi gesture to Teacher to show my gratitude. My wish had come true and our family material production site was up and running.

Miracles Helped Me to Have More Righteous Thoughts

The Minghui Weekly, a small booklet, and CDs done at our material production site are bright and colorful. They are so pretty that my daughter was always eager to distribute them after she saw them.

One time, my daughter and I went out to distribute materials. When we walked up to one building, we realized the gate was locked and we couldn't get in. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if someone came and opened the door for us?" A little while later, three people walked up and opened the door. One of them held the door for us to get in. It seemed to be a coincidence, but I knew that Teacher had arranged it because the people in the building were waiting to be saved.

Once a week, I go to a fellow practitioner's home to get on the Internet. One time she said, "I heard there is a new software to break through the Internet blockade. Quickly, download it." I had never done that before and did not know how to download software. But I decided to try it. As I was just getting ready to look for it, the software appeared on the screen. It was just what I wanted. So I downloaded the software immediately.

Afterwards I thought, "Dafa is really amazing! People who cultivate Dafa are truly blessed! As long as our heart is aligned with the Fa and we are doing things to save sentient beings, anything we don't have, the Fa has it; anything we don't know how to do, Teacher will show us."

Last year, I bought a new printer to print copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. When I tried the machine in the store, it worked fine, but when I got home, it did not work--the printer head was clogged. After I cleaned it multiple times, it still would not work. I was anxious and sweating. I had all sorts of thoughts in my head. When I don't have enough righteous thoughts, all kinds of attachments appear. I thought maybe the printer was not working because it was dangerous to print the Nine Commentaries and I shouldn't do it. I had heard that if one is found to have one copy of the Nine Commentaries, one would be sent to prison for several years.

I was very depressed and felt numb. I sat there in a daze and didn't want to cook dinner. My daughter came in and asked, "Mom, what happened? Is something wrong?" I pointed to the printer and said, "It was working at the store but it did not work when I got it home."

"Is that all? Did you forget to believe in Teacher? Why not send forth righteous thoughts?" My daughter's words woke me up, "Of course, it was obviously evil interference. I was not looking within. I just followed the evil arrangement and believed the worst. It almost fooled me."

I calmed down and started to send forth righteous thoughts. I asked Teacher to strengthen me, completely eliminate the dark minions and rotten ghosts that were interfering with me printing the Nine Commentaries. I also commanded the printer, "I am a Fa-rectification disciple. I have chosen you to work with me on the Nine Commentaries to help Teacher in the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. You are very lucky. You need to assimilate to the Fa unconditionally. You need to reject any interference and do well what you should do." After I send forth righteous thoughts, I cleaned the printer head one more time and the printer started working again. The printed pages looked very good.

As I make truth-clarification materials, I often communicate with the computer and printer. The lives that have assimilated with the Fa have wonderful spirits. One time, my computer had a virus. A fellow practitioner came to help me re-install the system. After the hard drive was formatted, we just could not get the system installed. We tried from 7 p.m. to midnight and it still did not work. After we had sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I told the other practitioner, "Go home, you need to work tomorrow." Just as he took out the installation CD and got ready to leave, the screen suddenly showed the display that installation was in progress. I asked him to put the CD back into the drive and the computer system was re-installed.

Over and over, I have been pleasantly surprised with unexpected miracles. I truly feel that Teacher is protecting me. I have enlightened to the profound meanings of the Fa, which can only come from cultivation experience.

My family truth-clarifying material production site is getting more and more comprehensive. I can produce the Minghui Weekly (both the magazine and the newspaper), truth-clarifying booklets, the Nine Commentaries, amulets(1), and CDs. In fact, everything I am doing is with the help of Teacher's law body. I only walk diligently on the path that Teacher has arranged for me.

With Teacher's protection, I will do better in the future to fulfill my vows of helping Teacher in the Fa rectification and saving of sentient beings.

Please point out anything inappropriate.

Thank you, Teacher. Thank you, Fellow Practitioners.

(1) Amulets - In China, practitioners sometimes clarify the truth by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.