(Clearwisdom.net) I became a Falun Gong practitioner in 1998. A year later the persecution started in China. I am among the most severely persecuted practitioners in our area. I received a heavy sentence to a forced labor camp. Later, with Master's protection, I denied the evil persecution and left the labor camp before the term expired. Now I would like to share my experiences over the past few years.

After I was released from forced labor camp, some practitioners told me that we need more printing materials. I wanted to get involved with the materials printing effort. But my family members pressured me to not get involved. I also had some fear when I recalled the tortures I suffered in the labor camp. So, I thought perhaps I should let others do a little more in the printing center, and I would find some other things to do. I have suffered enough in the labor camp. I was afraid of additional suffering.

I knew this was a matter of ego, and it was something I must relinquish. After intensified Fa study I realized clearly that I am a Dafa disciple; therefore, I could not disappoint Master who gave me salvation, and I could not disappoint sentient beings who had high expectations of me. With strengthened righteous thought I decided to work on the materials printing project. I would take on my share of the responsibilities.

Because of the severe persecution I suffered I became a "celebrity" in our area. Now I decided to work on material printing, my family members tried to stop me. In their words, "Everyone knows what you do, and if you are arrested again, you will not come out alive." I asked Master to empower me. I wanted to have more righteous thoughts, not human notions. I denied the interference from my family members. I knew if I paid more attention to personal safety, I would develop a deeper human attachment. The persecution in the forced labor camp is a shame on Dafa practitioners. Master does not acknowledge it at all. In the detention, no matter how solid your behavior is, and how much torture you endure, it is still a roadblock to prevent us from saving sentient beings. Master will never agree with such arrangements. My mission is to assist Master in rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings. There is no other option.

After I became clear of the Fa principle, I sent forth a strong thought: I am Master's disciple; my prehistoric pledge is to assist Master to rectify the Fa and to offer sentient beings salvation; no one is allowed to interfere; no one has the right to stop me.

After making up my mind I immediately went into action. I bought printing materials and a printer. Whenever I had a doubt, I denied it instantly. I knew that was not my real thought, it was something I should eliminate. All the interference and my own human thoughts are roadblocks to prevent me from saving people. With Master's protection and guidance and my own righteous thoughts, I successfully set up my own printing center. The center produced many truth materials. For a period of time it was a key supply center for our area.

When my family members saw my strong determination, they knew they could not prevent me from doing this work. They began to help me. Whenever there were disturbances from the police, with people from the residential office and the forced labor camp, my family would deal with them. To this day, my home-based printing center is still an important materials supply site in our area.

Toward the end of 2004, the Epoch Times published the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Master told us to widely distribute this book. I began to produce the book at home, but still had strong fear. I realized that the fear is part of human emotions. I have to abandon this emotion while making the books. I constantly corrected my thoughts, sent righteous thoughts and eliminated the evil spirits in other dimensions. Slowly, I was able to relinquish my fear.

After I overcame my fear, I suffered illness karma. For a while I could not get out of bed, let alone cook. I knew that this interference was targeting my effort to make copies of the Nine Commentaries. To counter the attack, I intensified my efforts to send righteous thoughts. My illness symptoms persisted. My body temperature would go up and down, and for two days I felt pain all over my body. By now I clearly knew that this was not normal karma elimination reaction. It was an evil attack. But why did my efforts of sending righteous thoughts not seem to work? I realized that I paid too much attention to it, and I was worrying it would affect my work, making copies of the Nine Commentaries. I focused on eliminating the evil attack, not reading the Fa and practicing the exercises. I consumed a lot of my energy fighting with the evil and became exhausted. I realized that the evil is really nothing. So I began to read the Fa, kept on sending righteous thoughts and practiced the exercises in the middle of the night.

The result turned out very good. After the exercises, my body turned warm and sweaty. I felt great. The next day I was almost fully recovered. I ran out of printing paper and bought more. On my way there I did not feel car-sick. By the time I returned home, I had fully recovered.

Later, following suggestions on the Minghui website, practitioners in my area built more printing centers. With more materials available, my work load was reduced. I began to distribute the materials to people, taking my child with me.

Clarifying the truth is also cultivation practice. It is a process to correct myself and eliminate my attachments. Holding on to strong attachments for too long creates huge interference. Cultivation is like boating upstream: if the boat does not advance, it will drift downstream with the flow of the river. Therefore, as Master tells us repeatedly, cultivation is a very serious matter.

Sometimes my emotions were still too strong. I could not let go of them and was quite upset by this.

I asked myself: What would Bodhisattvas and Arhats do if they were in my place? I am a Dafa disciple. The universe is infinite, and the earth is only a tiny dust particle. My human thought is nothing, it is simply too tiny to mention.

If we have good wishes and put in our effort, Master will help us to achieve the right end.