(Clearwisdom.net) A local practitioner was distributing truth-clarifying materials when he was reported to the police. As a result, he was illegally detained and sent to a detention center. All local practitioners became actively involved in his rescue. Our main focus was to save sentient beings by clarifying the truth.

All practitioners agreed that what is waiting for us is Consummation and all beings who participate in the persecution of Dafa and practitioners have been deceived by the CCP and will be eliminated. So we must clarify the truth about Dafa to these people. Teacher told us that it is our duty to save sentient beings. Since Teacher's wish is to save all sentient beings, we must do our best to save them from being eliminated.

With a clear goal in mind, all practitioners participated in the rescue. We took every possible opportunity to clarify the truth to the people involved. Some exposed the persecutors. Some clarified the truth to the director and deputy director of the State Security Division. Some clarified the truth to the person who reported the practitioner to police. Some explained the true situation of Dafa to the local police stations. Some spoke to the family members of the detained practitioner, urging them to go to the detention center and demand his release. Some sent righteous thoughts in front of the police department, the detention center and the police stations. Some wrote letters and some made phone calls.

With strong righteous thoughts and the protection of Teacher, the detained practitioner was released unconditionally after 10 days.

Through the process of this rescue, we understood that our actions conformed with Teacher's wish to save sentient beings. To rescue a practitioner is also to save sentient beings. When all practitioners coordinate well together, the result will be good.