(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa relatively late. At the beginning after I obtained the Fa, I felt that many people around me were deceived by lies and did not understand the truth and facts about Dafa. Hence, I felt that they may face the danger of being eliminated in the future, which worried me very much. Being unable to understand Dafa deeply, I always fell into a common person's anxious mood. Due to this anxiousness, I was eager to be successful in my truth-clarification and persuading people to withdraw from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its related organizations, and I was attached to results. This tendency was especially obvious in the way I treated my relatives. Therefore, the results of my efforts were not satisfactory.

Upon studying the Fa more deeply, I realized that we are not selecting people and deciding who should be kept and saved, in the way the old forces did. For example, if someone was my relative, or schoolmate, or friend, then I felt that he must agree to withdraw from the CCP's three organizations (the Chinese Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Communist Young Pioneers). Otherwise, I would not let up trying to influence and persuade him until he agreed to do it. Later I found that this was not really saving people. Although some people agreed to make a declaration out of respect for my feelings or for other reasons, they didn't really know and deeply understand the truth and the facts, and their benevolence and compassionate conscience was not awakened. After listening to my truth-clarification, some people came to a rudimentary understanding that Dafa teaches one to become a good person and Dafa is under persecution. However, due to their attachment to fear, they were simply unwilling to make a declaration. Their declaration was the result of my constant persuasion. Dafa is the only standard by which to judge if a person should be kept. He will be saved if he should be. The reason we can save him is that, after our clarifying-truth to him in detail, his compassionate conscience has been aroused. It is not a matter of wanting to give him some benefit or favor just because of our good relationship. Anything concerning Dafa is holy and not an issue of ordinary people.

Due to the wrong approach I was taking, I had occasionally begun to speak at too high a level while trying to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP's three organizations. For example, I would begin by telling someone that Dafa is good, and hoped he would make a declaration to withdraw from the CCP's three organizations in order to stop this persecution. He might not agree with me because of his fear or concern for his self-interest; then I would tell him that good will be rewarded with good, and evil meets with retribution, together with some historical prophe and examples of retribution and the spreading of pestilences. If he still didn't agree, then I would tell him the meaning and the purpose of a human being's existence and that a person is judged by the stance he takes towards the persecution of Dafa in his heart.

The history of human beings is played out according to a script prepared a long time ago. When a person doesn't agree, he has made a choice about his future. And I think, as a human being coming to this world, if he were not told by anyone about the meaning of his life, his life would be worthless. Therefore, I still hoped to tell him the meaning of his coming to this world, giving him the chance to seriously weigh his gains and losses. However, all my extra talking only increased his disbelief. Now, in retrospect, I feel that I was too anxious and talked to people on too high a level. I was blocking the way for further clarifying the truth to these people later on.

In my persuading people to withdraw from CCP's three organizations in the past, I always mentioned what has been foretold in predictions. If someone doesn't withdraw from the evil party's organizations he will face such-and-such situations, and the only way for him to stay safe is to withdraw from the three organizations. Since I failed to clarify the truth in a deeper way, many people around me didn't think that what I was saying was true.

In "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 (Lecture and Q&A)", Teacher said:

"Talking about prophesies and epidemics can be used only as a supplement to clarifying the truth, and don't go beyond just mentioning them. Don't take them as an indispensable part or a major part of truth clarification. If you do, [your efforts] will depart from what you want to do and your goal, and [you will] be far too reliant on those prophesies. They can play only a supporting role for you. Don't say too much about them--you can touch upon them and then leave it at that. Only by clarifying the truth with wisdom can you save people."

Reflecting on my past approach, I have understood more deeply that only clarifying the truth in a deeper and more careful way is the way to really save people. It is not our purpose to persuade people for the sake of persuading them, using the methods of ordinary society. Only after we have really clarified the truth on an appropriate level and awakened people's compassionate conscience, will our constant efforts to save people meet with success. Without any attachment to results, our truth-clarification will not feel so difficult and tiring. Perhaps this understanding reflects the state of "gaining without pursuit."