(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since the CCP concentration camps were exposed, the incident has been a test of conscience for all people, especially Falun Dafa practitioners. We should know that: 1) It is the CCP that is afraid, not us, 2) The incident should help us to be more diligent, rather than give us an excuse to not come out to clarify the truth, and 3) Each fellow practitioner should work together as one body and clean out all the evil with righteous thoughts.

Why has the CCP tried with all its might to block the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG) from going to China? Because it knows that once the world's people learn the truth, they will make the right choice and the CCP will be doomed. The old forces do not care about people's lives, so they arranged the "concentration camps" to test people's attitudes, so that they can decide who should be eliminated. We should break the old forces' arrangements and save more sentient beings. The process of saving more people is the process of our cultivation.

If we Falun Dafa practitioners all work quickly to expose the evil, clarify the truth, and send forth righteous thoughts, we can break the destructive factors of the old forces' arrangements, break the CCP's blockage, make the CIPFG's trip to China a reality very soon, and save more of the world's people.

In order to have pure righteous thoughts, we are all required to purify ourselves and to carry correct understandings. The purer we are, the stronger our righteous thoughts and the more effective our righteous thoughts. On the other hand, if our own corresponding realms are not cleaned well, the evil factors living there will harm us and fellow practitioners with tribulations. We must upgrade as a whole, and cooperate as a whole.

I suggest that we all actively cooperate with the CIPFG as one body, sending forth pure strong righteous thoughts.