1. Rescued with the Invincible Might of Righteous Thoughts

Three Falun Dafa practitioners from Jilin Province were abducted by the local police before the Chinese New Year. The three practitioners fully denied the old forces' arrangements. With the help of all local Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts, they were released unconditionally on January 13, 2006.

In the winter of 2005, the new director in charge of local public security threatened to punish people who practice Falun Gong. Later, he reported to the local police station and colluded with the superintendent to arrest three Dafa practitioners. They illegally searched the three practitioners' homes and intended to send them to a labor camp.

On the night of the illegal arrest, one practitioner's family wanted to pay 20,000 yuan to obtain their loved one's release. The police superintendent refused the request. He seemed determined not to stop until the three practitioners were sent to a labor camp.

During the illegal detention, the three Dafa practitioners paid close attention to studying the Fa, memorizing the Fa, and sending righteous thoughts, fully denying the old forces' arrangements. Outside the labor camp, some fellow practitioners prepared materials and posted them on the internet very quickly. Some sent righteous thoughts for a long time to eliminate the evil factors persecuting fellow practitioners. Some wrote articles and exposed the local malicious police. At the same time, the practitioners in the surrounding counties and cities also sent righteous thoughts to support them. Overseas Dafa practitioners telephoned the perpetrators to clarify the truth at the perfect time.

Under the invincible might of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts as a whole, the lawless people kept changing their minds. Initially, they did not release the practitioners even though their family offered to pay 20,000 yuan. Then they called the practitioner's family and said they would release the practitioner if 20,000 yuan was paid. When they saw none of the families cooperating, they said all three practitioners could be released as long as 20,000 yuan was paid, which was also refused by the practitioners' families. The police were out of options. Finally, they had to release the practitioners without any money being paid. One of the practitioners did not even pay the so-called "board."

Such a result was beyond everyone's expectations, changing many local people's opinions. It also greatly encouraged local practitioners. They believe in Master and practice Falun Dafa more firmly.

2. Exposing the hostile activities caused the police to stop persecuting

A Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested many times. Later, she wrote down her own experience of being persecuted and planned to expose the vile actions. One day, a person who did not know the truth reported her to the police, and she was arrested.

The police found the materials that she carried with her, exposing the disturbing truth of how the local authorities had treated her. After they read the information, they asked: "Is what you wrote true?" The practitioner calmly said: "The time and persons are listed in detail. You will know if it is true or not after you investigate." After that, she calmly sent righteous thoughts.

After the policemen whispered to each other for a while, they offered tea to the practitioner and said: "We asked you to come here just to get some information. We have not persecuted you, have we?" The practitioner did not cooperate with any questions from the police and only sent righteous thoughts. The police thought the practitioner fell asleep and did not bother her any more. A couple of hours later, after the practitioner finished sending righteous thoughts, the police gave her a ride home.

The person who reported the practitioner collects recyclable trash. The local people told him that he would receive retribution if he persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. A few days later, he was detained because he collected some stolen goods. Now he said to others that his scalp feels prickles and tremors whenever he hears the word "retribution."