(Clearwisdom.net) Our family of three resided in a small town in northeastern China. Our child went to school, and my husband and I had a small business, being busy every day . In 1996, my sister sent the book Zhuan Falun to us, but we were very busy, having no time to read it. In 1997, I hastily read it once, but still did not understand the meanings conveyed in it. My sister and mother studied the Fa very well and got rid of all their illnesses. They urged me to read the book well every time they saw me. But we were busy at our business all the time, not studying the Fa well. After July 20, 1999, my mother, two sisters, elder brother's wife, and little niece all went to Beijing to appeal to the higher authorities several times. My two sisters, mother, and elder brother's wife were detained twice, and my father could not escape from this even by staying at home. The money they took every time was extorted by policemen, adding up to ten thousand yuan. We were quite busy in our everyday life. My husband and I were both disheartened and stopped studying the Fa.

One night at around 9 p.m. in 2000, my husband drove our motorbike, and I rode in the sidecar. My husband was somewhat angry because of some family trifles. Working until midnight, he was angry and tired. He had drunk some beer. The road was dark and he was nearsighted. We were eager to go home, so we sped up, riding along the right side of the road. A big car coming toward us did not dim its high beams. Meanwhile, a pedestrian suddenly appeared right in front of us, and then something happened and both my husband and the pedestrian disappeared. It all happened so quickly that I did not know what happened.

The motorbike accelerated, moving fast without a driver. There were many cars coming toward me on the road. I sat in the carriage and I was very anxious. I thought that I was finished. The bike was moving fast, but I was very small. Wouldn't I be injured if I jumped out? I climbed to the front, but I did not know how to drive. I closed my eyes and thought, "I'll just wait for my death."

At that very moment, an idea flashed in my head. I remembered Dafa and Master Li, and I cried out, "Help me, Master!"

I thought it wouldn't matter if I died. My husband was near death, and it was meaningless for me to live. Just after crying out for Master, I felt the bike slow down. I opened my eyes to a miracle. The bike had run into the shallow ditch on the roadside and came to rest by a small tree. It seemed like it was about to turn over, but it did not. It stopped smoothly and I got off. At that time my husband ran up breathlessly. He said his hands were hit by something and he fell off onto the road.

We pushed the bike to the road immediately and went back to find the pedestrian. He was looking for his shoes at the roadside without any injury to his body. We sent him to the hospital. They did a CT, and he stayed there for eight days. On the ninth day, he left the hospital on his own. We sent him 1000 yuan to make up for the work he missed and another 1000 yuan for expenses.

Afterward, I asked my husband what had happened. He said it was because he couldn't see with the bright lights of the oncoming car, and the glare in his glasses. He could not see what was happening. So he ran into the pedestrian and fell onto the road himself. He rose up and chased the bike. He saw that the bike went straight along the road, as if there was someone driving it. If it was traveling toward the middle of the road, it would hit the oncoming car. The pedestrian's head and eyelids were lacerated a little by the branch of a tree. My husband and I suffered no injury.

We were aware in our hearts that it was Master who saved us, and we felt grateful and shameful. Master, we did not assimilate to Dafa earnestly, yet you still protected us. We really have nothing to repay you with and we thank you again for saving us. Since then, my husband and I have walked the road of cultivation in earnest.

We are grateful to Master for compassionately saving us. Here we want to tell our experience to the people of the world, and hope that more people will learn the truth of Dafa soon, quit the evil CCP, and have a bright future.