On March 2, 2005, in the Jiamusi Labor Camp, unit 7, cells 7 and 8, camp wardens mobilized over thirty guards and twenty criminal inmates to torture detained female Falun Dafa practitioners with electric batons, police batons and handcuffs.

Policeman Yu Wenbin asked all practitioners to sign a "re-education agreement." He told them, "Whoever signs the agreement will be released to his or her family. People who refuse to sign the agreement will be handed over to the 610 Office." The guards then dragged the practitioners who did not sign to another room to torture them. Guards handcuffed them to the beds and then kicked them or beat them with their fists or with clubs or electric batons. Several practitioners passed out. Zhang Xiaodan and Sun Hui, wardens in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, grabbed the unconscious practitioners' hands and pressed their fingerprints onto the agreements.

Policemen Cai Zhenjuan, Liu Yadong, and Xu used clubs and electric batons to beat the practitioners. A practitioner from the Jiamusi Lianjiangkou Paper Mill, Ms. Su Yanhua, 57 years old, was struck on the head and lost consciousness immediately. When she had regained consciousness, the police shackled her to an iron chair. Ms. Su went on hunger strike in protest. A few days later, policemen locked Ms. Su to a bed. They removed the quilt and the bed board, leaving only a board, which was less than 30 centimeters wide. Ms. Su could not move at all. The cell was damp and cold. Ms. Su contracted scabies when she was detained in a labor camp in 2003. The medicine forcibly administered by the camp clinic was poisonous and caused Ms. Su to lose her memory. Her tongue became stiff and her leg was injured. Nonetheless, on March 2, 2005, the policemen beat her to unconsciousness again.

On the same day, two thirds of the practitioners in cells 7 and 8 were severely injured. Ms. Yan Xihua from Shuangyashan City was pulled out by policeman Guo Xinhui and the criminal inmates. Liu Yadong beat Yan violently, causing her not to be able to move or to turn over. She kept groaning in pain and had difficulty breathing. The police kept torturing her. Ms. Xie Xuepu, 58, from Hongdian Village, Fujin City, is another practitioner. After the beatings, she was bloody all over her body and could not walk or sleep.

On March 3, guard Cai Zhenjuan beat Ms. Xie again. Everyone in cell 8 witnessed the brutality. Ms. Xie bit her teeth and rolled on the ground in pain. Cai beat her while kicking her with his leather boots.

Practitioner Ms. Liu Xuehua's hands were shackled. A male policeman pinned her to the ground by the feet and told another policman to "electric shock her breasts!" Policeman Zhang Xiaodan verbally abused Ms. Liu. Policemen also shocked her neck, so her injuries were not easily visible. They continually shocked Ms. Liu for 30 minutes. She screamed loudly. She was about to have her period that day, but the torture made it disappear. She felt extreme pain at night.

Liu Yadong and some male policemen severely beat Ms. Zhang Guizhi, from Xinhua Farm. Ms. Gao Cuilan, a practitioner from Hegang City, was shackled and beaten. She sustained multiple bruises, was covered with scars, and her hands were injured. On March 2, because Ms. Gao refused to sign the agreement, she was brutally shocked with electric batons. She still has difficulty walking due to the torture. The police extended her prison term, although her husband works full time and cannot take care of their young child. The police refused to listen to her request to be released on time.

Ms. Li Shumei also refused to sign the agreement and was severely beaten. Her womb kept on bleeding. She still feels abdominal pain today. She cannot walk or eat, her skin looks yellow in color and she is emaciated.

All of these abuses were perpetrated by policemen Liu Yadong, Cai Zhenjuan, and Zhang Xiaodan, who executed the plans of "strict administration," "coercing a confession," and "procuring evidence by violence." These plans were approved by the administrative officers He Qiang, Xu Chun, and Jiang Zuoqi.

Phone number of the Jiamusi Labor Camp cell 8: 86-454-8891926