Latest Facts about Li Jieming, the Orphaned Son of Practitioners Li Baoying and Wang Hong


Li Jieming is the orphan of Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Li Baoying and his wife Ms. Wang Hong from Dongchang Village of Changtan Town, Liaozhong County of Liaoning Province. His uncle no longer looks after him. We ask fellow practitioners outside China not to mail things to him anymore since he is unable to receive them.

In Memory of Fellow Practitioner Jin Xiuqing

( On June 29, 2005, thunderstorms swept across most of the southeastern regions in China, and rivers and lakes flooded furiously. Throughout central China, however, the scorching sun was hanging high, the vast land had turned into a giant inferno. On this particular day, she just left quietly without saying a single word, left this world, left her friends and relatives, and left this land that she loved so passionately. Without any justification, she died inside a small, damp, and sorrow-filled cell in the Beishan Detention Center in Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province. She, Jin Xiuqing, was a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Deprived of the Right to Defend his Daughter in Court, Wang Huaizhong Seeks Assistance from the Legal Community


A Shanghai Court denied Wang Huaizhong's right to defend his daughter in court. Wang is the father of imprisoned Shanghai Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Yiyi. Wang has requested legal assistance from a Shanghai law firm.

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