AFP: Swedish Falun Gong To Press Charges Against China's Jiang Zemin

Swedish members of the banned Chinese spiritual movement Falun Gong said Friday they plan to press criminal charges against China's former president Jiang Zemin and other senior officials for murder, torture and kidnapping.

Australia: Practitioners Hold Press Conference Regarding Lawsuit against Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Downer (Photos)

( Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Zhang Cuiying and Ms. Jane Dai, two plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer and Australian federal police, held a press conference in front of the Australian Capital Territory's Supreme Court in Canberra on June 10, 2005. Mr. Yuan Hongbing, former professor of law in China addressed the conference as a witness.

Australia: Press Conference Exposing the Persecution (Photos)

( Chinese diplomat Mr. Chen Yonglin and former security agent and Tianjin 610 Office officer Mr. Hao Fengjun have recently renounced membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They also publicly exposed their inside stories about the persecution of Falun Gong, leading Falun Gong to become the focal point of major media reports in Australia.

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