Geneva: Re-enactment of Torture Methods Gives the Swiss People A Close-Up View of the Persecution (Photos)

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( On her young-looking face with fine skin, Ying (pseudonym) wore thick make-up. She looks as if she was beaten and bleeding. In one spot on her face, her skin seems to burst open and her flesh hangs in shred. Her hair is disheveled and her clothes are tattered. Both of her arms are hung up and tied with thick ropes to a cross bar that is more than one foot above her head. Lin, who is dressed in police's uniform, carries a baton in his hands and pretends to be beating Ying. Each time when his baton touches Ying's clothes in front of her abdomen, he stops with great care. Ying is positioned as if she is being beaten. Unlike the dripping blood from the make-up on her face, her painful expression is real. This becomes obvious with a glimpse at her wrists, which have turned black and blue from the rope.

Japan: Practitioners Conduct a Series of Truth-Clarifying Activities to Support the Lawsuit Against Jiang (Photos)

( April 12, 2005 marked a day of historic significance for Falun Gong practitioners in Japan. Over the course of nearly one year and six months of effort, practitioners in Japan finally filed a lawsuit with the Osaka Local Court against the chief perpetrator of the persecution of Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin and his accomplices, including Luo Gan, Li Lanqing, Xia Deren and the Chinese Embassy in Japan.

Celebrating Ten Years Since Falun Gong's Introduction to Sweden (1)

( On April 16, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners from in and around Gothenburg gathered at the busy Baltesspannar Park in brilliant sunshine. They demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises, distributed leaflets and presented the public with paper lotus flowers to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Falun Gong's introduction to Sweden.
Demonstrating the exercises

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