New Year's Greetings

Dafa disciples in Mainland China, Dafa disciples around the world, Happy New Year! The Year of Yiyou has begun. During this year, Fa-rectification's enormous force will bring changes to mankind. That being the case, all the more so should you do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do, let go of attachments, and not look with human thoughts at what Dafa disciples need to recognize: the persecution and the true nature of the evil party that has been persecuting us.

We have not been doing political work, we have not been picking fights with the human race's real evil cult, and even less so do we want any worldly political power. During the persecution, we must be clear that we are saving the people in the world who have been misled by the Party's culture, because they believe in that cult so much that they won't even listen to the truth. Also, what we are doing is having those students who are not clearheaded on this issue recognize its evil nature. It is a human attachment that must be let go and a step that has to be taken as part of the process of validating the Fa. Don't use human notions to judge the Fa-rectification or the form in which Dafa disciples cultivate, and don't always prolong the process of improving your understanding due to your human thoughts. You are people walking the path to godhood, and every single attachment will hinder you.

The path that Master tells you to take is sure to be righteous. I hope you will complete--soberly, rationally, and with righteous thoughts--your journey to Consummation.

Li Hongzhi
New Year's Day, The Year of Yiyou
February 9th, 2005

Editor's note: The translation is subject to further improvement so as to be closer to the original text. Last updated: February 9, 2005.