We Are Not "Getting Political"

With regard to the persecution of Falun Gong by the malevolent CCP, many Chinese people who don't know the truth have over the past few years believed, owing to that party having infused the Chinese people with its Party's culture over half a century of rule, that the persecution was justified. The CCP has led the Chinese people to judge things, consider things, and act based on a mindset steeped in that Party's culture--a culture created with specific ends in mind. Having been through this ideological remolding, the Chinese people can no longer judge things, consider things, or act as do normal people. Under the influence of the Party's culture, whenever foreign countries are brought up, the basis of these people's thinking is "those capitalist countries that oppose the malevolent CCP." But the reality is, those countries are normal forms of society in the world. Whenever problems that exist in China are brought up, the basis of the Chinese people's thinking sees it in terms of "anti-China forces." The extent is such that if someone mentions the CCP there will be people who think he is referring to China itself. And when someone talks about "the Chinese nation," there will be people who conflate that concept with the CCP. And it goes even further: whenever a problem needs to be addressed, the first thought is about how to crush others, and the means include rule by force, attacks, launching political campaigns, suppression, denunciations, and the like.

Right now, the CCP is at the end of the line, being mired in corruption and beset by crises on all fronts. Yet when the Chinese people curse the malevolent CCP, their opposition to that party is still within the context of the consciousness created by that same party's culture, and they are in fact still viewing the Party from within the Party's culture. Some people even have the mentality of, "How could China exist without that X party?" But over the 5000 years of Chinese history, which dynasty wasn't followed by a new one after its fall? And haven't the countries of Eastern Europe done just fine since the malevolent party collapsed there? And don't forget that human society is in the hands of gods. It will fall into chaos if such is their will, and nothing can disturb it if they wish otherwise.

When Chinese people come to Western society, the people of this society can't understand their words or actions, and they find them odd. The words and actions of CCP leaders on their visits overseas make Westerners question their rationality. Then just how warped has this Party's culture made the thinking and culture of the Chinese people? Even people at the level of the Central Committee of the CCP can't escape that warping of thought, action, and culture. The deviation of human thought has made it easy for the CCP to find a legal pretext for its constant litany of suppressions of the Chinese people. Even today, when the slogan "our party has always been right" no longer works, the CCP has--in order to maintain the legitimacy of its monopoly on power--driven this confusion further so as to capitalize on and stir up the Chinese people's ardent patriotism and keep heightening patriotic sentiment, even mixing in ideas like "If there were no X Party there would be no China," "To love the country is to love the Party," and, "To love the Party is to love the country." They keep making people's thinking confused and deceiving the Chinese people.

Following its failure in persecuting Falun Gong, the CCP rolled out a saying: "Falun Gong is colluding with anti-China forces." After Falun Gong exposed the truth about the CCP's persecution, the CCP again stirred people up, saying, "The Falun Gong are unpatriotic." That has resulted in Falun Gong students indeed seeing, as they go about exposing the persecution and clarifying the facts, that some Chinese won't listen one bit to what they have to say. Those people truly believe that what the Party says is surely correct, that what the Communist government says is surely correct, and they believe that Falun Gong really is as the CCP portrays it.

Dafa is saving people. Dafa disciples are compassionate. For the sake of mankind's future, they are telling the world's people the facts of the persecution so that people may see clearly the persecution's wickedness, and that is stopping the persecution. But with the CCP's "one hall, one voice"1 and its overwhelming, slanderous propaganda, some people have indeed been fooled by that deceptive, false propaganda. And these people include those who felt deceived and cheated after experiencing firsthand the mass campaigns of the past, or were even persecuted in them, and they include as well those who grew up amidst the Party's culture right from birth. But there truly are many among them who are good people and have good inborn quality. Even so, they have been fully taken in by the Party's propaganda and brainwashing.

What should be done, given these circumstances? The only thing that can be done is to strip naked this vile party that persecutes Dafa disciples and let the Chinese people and people of the world see this party--a party they have believed and that has always claimed to be "great, glorious, and correct"--for what it really is. After The Epoch Times carried the Nine Commentaries on the X Party, the CCP again started cooking up stories and telling lies, alleging that, "Falun Gong is getting political." The fact is, whoever has something to say about the Party will be called "getting political," and that is in turn used to deceive the Chinese people. Actually, the Chinese people are fearful of and attach a negative sense to "getting involved with politics" because of the very Party-culture that the Party has instilled in them. Anywhere outside those nations ruled by the malevolent CCP, being a "politician" would seem a rather elite designation.

Falun Gong is not involved in politics. That's something lived experience has shown, and it is something the world has recognized. If our efforts to stop and expose the persecution by evildoers and the CCP are now being labeled as getting political, then we might as well spell things out completely--like what Falun Gong is, what the malevolent CCP is, and why the malevolent CCP wants to persecute Falun Gong. As for what Falun Gong is, Dafa disciples have explained that to the world's people in their all-out efforts to clarify the facts, and people the world over have come to understand. Then what's left is to help the world's people see what the malevolent CCP is about and why it persecutes Falun Gong. And that is done, in fact, to stop the persecution, not to get political. We have no political motives. We are cultivators, people walking the road to godhood, we transcend the human world, and we neither seek nor covet the fame and profit found in this world. We expose the evildoers and that vile party in order to stop the wicked persecution, and it is done to awaken and save the sentient beings who have been deceived by the evil.

In order to prevent misunderstandings by those who have lost their way in the Party's culture, I told Dafa disciples in Mainland China not to incorporate the Nine Commentaries as they clarify the truth. But the Fa-rectification is progressing rapidly and the circumstances in which Dafa disciples validate the Fa are changing. Recently the CCP's lies and propaganda have again been pushing fabrications such as the "self-immolation" and been spreading fake versions of the Nine Commentaries so as to further poison the minds of the world's people. This has created more obstacles for clarifying the truth and saving the world's people. And so, to have the world's people be aware of that vile party's nature and why it has persecuted Dafa disciples, it has become necessary for people to learn about the Nine Commentaries.

Actually, nowadays is there a single Chinese person who still believes in Communism? Even between that evil ringleader and the current Central Committee of the CCP you can't find a single person who really believes in the malevolent CCP. The moment the Party and that evil ringleader exclaimed that they wanted to "defeat Falun Gong," the gods gave the verdict that the Party must be dissolved and destroyed. At present the gods are comprehensively destroying all of the Party's factors. Who in their right mind would want to now, at this final juncture, be the scapegoat for all the crimes committed by the malevolent Communist Party over the last one-hundred-plus years? Well, somebody is about to end up bearing all the blame for the malevolent Communist Party's crimes, and [the fact that he risked this situation] must be the result of his having been intoxicated by political power. In reality, though, the exposing of the Communist evil spirit is not directed at certain people. The Nine Commentaries aim to save all beings whose minds have been poisoned by the evil, which includes members of the malevolent CCP, those in the CCP's most powerful organs, and the common people. The goal is to help beings in all realms see clearly the factors behind the malevolent CCP.

Actually, it's not all that wrong for the people of this world to live for power or their own gain, but why do you have to join the ranks of those wicked beings that poison and harm the human race? People, you need to wake up! If you have truly lost sight of the purpose of being human, then nothing could be more terrible! If you, as somebody in this world, are truly waiting for and searching for the path of return, then wise up!

I'll share with the world some Truth: when a God or Buddha descends to the world, and when an upright Fa is taught, there are bound to be depraved demons that interfere. A whole range of things described in legends and things passed down through religions might well be, right now, happening. Don't let your human thinking block your true nature, and even less should you sin against people who are on the road to godhood.

Li Hongzhi
January 26, 2005

1. Meaning one person or entity alone has the say and determines how things are to be done.

Last updated: October 6, 2005.

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