Facts of the persecution

Practitioner Zhang Shuwen abducted by perpetrators from the "610 Office" in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province

During the morning of June 28, 2004, practitioner Zhang Shuwen was abducted from home and taken to a brainwashing class held by the Wuchang City "610 Office" in Heilongjiang Province, where she remains. She was callously tortured and mentally tormented. Officials tried to force her to write the "Three Statements," agreeing to give up Falun Gong practice. Her husband is working in another city. Her parents-in-law and her young son are left at home uncared for.

Ms. Xing Wenzhen, associate professor at Northwestern Polytechnic University, and her husband are abducted

On October 19, 2004, officers from the Xian City Police Department and officials from the Security Division of Northwestern Polytechnic University abducted practitioner Xing Wenzhen's husband, who is not a practitioner but is a supporter. They lured him to the school security division and abducted him. Several days later they abducted Ms. Xing Wenzhen. They have persecuted Xing Wenzhen relentlessly since July 1999.

Li Yunyi, practitioner from Fuling, Chongqing City, severely injured during abduction

In the early morning of August 20, 2004, police abducted practitioner Li Yunyi, who is from Fuling in Chongqing City, on her way to a fellow practitioner's home in Dadukou, Chongqing City. According to Qiu Cuixiang, a practitioner who was with Li Yunyi at the time, the police officers hit Li Yunyi with a shovel and she fell to the ground instantly. She is currently being hospitalized because of severe injuries. The details await further investigation.

Practitioner Hu Rongying and her family are abducted in Jiyuan City, Henan Province

On October 20, 2004, authorities from the Zhicheng Town Police Station in Jiyuan City ordered practitioner Hu Rongying to attend a brainwashing class, but she refused. The next day, four or five police officers went to her home and knocked on her door. Hu Rongying refused to open the door. The police smashed the lock and jumped into the yard. Hu Rongying's son, who is not a practitioner, fought the perpetrators with a stick to protect his mother. The police took the stick and called in dozens of riot police, who took Hu Rongying, her husband and son to a detention center. The police then ransacked her home.

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