(Clearwisdom.net) The Female Squadron of Dalian Forced Labor Training Camp was formed in November 2000. It has detained up to a hundred female practitioners from various districts in Dalian City, as well as a few female criminal offenders. The staff members there have been to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (a camp notorious for its brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners) for training. Aside from using forced labor, they also use criminal offenders and closed circuit TV to control and monitor practitioners. The staff members force practitioners to sit on small torture benches and listen to slanderous broadcasts against Falun Gong.

According to Chinese law, a person who is not in agreement with a forced labor sentence can appeal within 60 days. At the time of their detention all Falun Gong practitioners appealed in writing, demanding to be set free unconditionally, but their requests were categorically denied. More than eighty practitioners began a hunger strike in protest. Ten of the practitioners were on a 20- to 30-day hunger strike. They were force-fed through rubber tubes with leftovers of salty vegetable soup every day. Later on, the staff replaced the rubber tubes with thicker tubes, causing the practitioners' mouths and noses to bleed.

Fifty-year-old Fu Shuying was spitting out white foam and suffering from cramps after being beaten with electric shock batons. Gao Xiang was beaten by a police captain, Wan Jun, with a rubber baton so badly that her lower body secreted liquid, her legs were badly swollen and her knees would not bend. In order to move from one place to another she had to drag her legs inch by inch. Another practitioner Sun Lianxia died after a 30-day hunger strike and non-stop torture.

There were several regulations in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp designed specifically against Falun Gong practitioners. For example, practitioners were not allowed to recite Teacher's articles; if they did they would be beaten severely. Practitioner Man Chunrong was handcuffed to the window because she practiced one of the Falun Gong exercises. They used electric batons and rubber batons to beat her until she lost consciousness. Both of her legs were completely bruised from her hips to her heels. Even so, the police would not allow Ms. Man to lie down. Instead, they forced her to sit on a small torture bench. A staff member named Sui Ziqiang said, "We cannot help it. The higher authorities ordered us to do this."

In March 2001, while claiming to save and educate practitioners, they moved the Female Squadron into a new building. New detainees were forced to sign a letter stating they would give up their belief in Falun Dafa; otherwise they would be severely beaten. Practitioner Li Hua tried to tell the staff members the facts about Falun Gong and refused to sign. Staff member Lin Yi put a sack over her head and beat her up, stopping only when he broke the rubber-coated baton he was using. Ms. Li's whole head was badly swollen and deformed. Afterwards Ms. Li was asked if she hated them. Li did not hate them at all and kept telling them the facts about Dafa in order to save them. This greatly touched all who witnessed her compassion.

To achieve the goal of transforming practitioners, prison personnel put cameras into every corner, including the hallways, restrooms and storage places. They also installed speakers to broadcast slanderous material against Falun Dafa and Teacher. They also equipped each room with a TV set to show the reports of those former practitioners who had been misled and given up cultivation. Even so, they still could not accomplish what they wanted: to fulfill Jiang's orders and increase the "conversion rate."

On March 19, the staff members posted slanderous materials everywhere, attacking Dafa and Teacher. Practitioners tore down some of these materials. That evening the labor camp staff punished all practitioners by forcing them to put both of their hands over their head and bend forward 90 to 180 degrees with their legs spread apart. Then they forced them to sign papers slandering Dafa. Several policemen and criminal offenders would beat them up if they did not comply. They poured icy-cold water over some practitioners, followed by prolonged shocking with electric batons. The faces and necks of practitioners Ding Hong, Dong Guiyan and Zhang Jing were covered with large yellow blisters. The skin on the back of Ding Hong was torn from electric shocks. The forced labor camp planned to spend three full days and nights to punish practitioners. At noon on March 20, practitioner Yu Lixin died from torture, at age 27. Practitioner Wang Qiuxia also died in the forced labor camp.