After July 20, 1999, Guan County, Shandong Province, became a major area where the county "610 Office"1 has worked with the local Police Department and ruffians hired from nearby townships to carry out despicable crimes against Falun Dafa. The following is a summary of some of their ruthless actions:

Officials in Guan County have persecuted Dafa practitioners in multiple ways, ranging from political oppression to economic extortion and physical torture. From the county Police Department all the way down to the officials in charge of local townships and villages, they have used electrical shock torture, beatings, and other brutal tactics to torture Dafa practitioners, regardless of their age (even elderly practitioners over 80 years old were tortured). One practitioner was tortured with electric shocks for three consecutive days at the Guan County Detention Center. They stripped him of all his clothes and blindfolded him before beginning the torture, and when they were finished, his body did not have one piece of unharmed flesh on it. With authorization from the Guan County Municipal Police Station Chief Han Hongguang, Policeman Tian Zenghai (from Sang-Ar Township), and another officer from Yanggu County tortured a female Dafa practitioner for an entire night with electric shocks and beatings. When they were finished, she was left with large hematoma (bruises, both internal and external) and internal bleeding. Detention Center Head Ma Changxin repeatedly and shamelessly slapped female Dafa practitioners, and policemen from Yanzhuang Village even raped a female practitioner in broad daylight at the Village Government Office. In addition to extorting money from practitioners at the "610 Office" brainwashing class (the class was under direct control of Ren Guangmin, Shi Xuezeng, and other officials), Bing Fengtai (from Zhaili Village of Guan Township) led a group of hired ruffians to carry out a mob beating of Dafa practitioners. A 60 year old female practitioner lost hearing in her left ear after the beating, and another female practitioner was beaten so badly that her limbs were disfigured. Policeman Li Daichao shamelessly punched another female practitioner's breasts. One very small female practitioner weighing approximately 70-80 pounds escaped from the brainwashing class, but was again detained. With direct supervision of Shi Xuezeng and Ma Wenchang, Bing Fengtai led the hired thugs to beat her for several hours until she lost consciousness. These men were so evil that they enjoyed the torture as if it was some kind of twisted and entertaining game. They even exchanged their "experiences of beating and torturing" as if it was everyday conversation. No family members or medical personal were allowed to visit the practitioners after the beatings took place.

Oftentimes, police would steal practitioners' personal property from their homes while the practitioners were being detained, and some were detained for several months at a time. When the practitioners were home, the police would carry out random searches for Dafa books and materials and would frequently charge monetary "fines" at random. If the practitioners were not at home during the search, their family members (including their children) were arrested in their place. The police even went so far as to ransack the homes of practitioners' relatives with no justification. In these ways, the various brainwashing classes conducted by the Guan County Police Department and prison officials from local townships served as tools for the "610 Office" to persecute Dafa practitioners on a deeper, larger scale by forcing their family members and work unit administrators to indirectly carry out the persecution as well.

In the Fall of 1999, a large number of Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to clarify the facts and validate Dafa. During this time, Guan County Police officer Feng Shuhe confiscated 5,000 Yuan2 from one practitioner, and approximately 10,000 Yuan collectively from other practitioners. He simply kept the money for himself and did not report it. From then on, Dafa practitioners and their families became targets of economic extortion as a means to help fund the organizations that were carrying out the persecution. Whenever a "sensitive" date was near, such as the Chinese New Year and the Zhongnahai appeal anniversary on April 25th, many Dafa practitioners in Guan County would be detained at the detention centers and brainwashing centers established in all the villages. Every day, officials would charge the practitioners 20-Yuan. Once detained, it was very difficult for practitioners to get out for at least several months, and sometimes for an entire year. Apart from extorting money from practitioners directly, policemen would also coerce their family members to pay so-called "fines." As of now, there are approximately 500 practitioners in detention. If an average figure of 10,000-Yuan per practitioner is used to calculate the total estimated money that has been extorted from practitioners and their families (a large number of families have paid several times this amount), then we are looking at a figure of approximately 5 million Yuan. To add to this, the Guan County Political Security Office would often fine practitioners up to 5,000 Yuan under the guise of "bail" before releasing them, with a total estimated amount of approximately one million Yuan. Regardless whether the fine came from Guan County "610 Office," the Police Department, or the officials in charge of various townships and villages, no receipt was ever issued for the "bail." In fact, from the head of the Guan County Police Department right down to the common deputies, all of this money was used for officials' personal expenses, such as buying presents, paying for vacations, as well as providing money to wine, dine, gamble and pay for prostitution.

The above mentioned is only a small example of the despicable crimes.

Here is a list of the wicked officials from the Guan County Public Security Bureau:

Associate Bureau Head: Wei Rujian

Political-Security Section Chief: Xue Lianchun*

Associate Section Chief: Chen Yuezhi

Police Officer: Feng Shuhe

Head of Police Squadron: Wang Junchao

Associate Squadron Head: Wang Yong

Brigade Leader: Chen Yong

*Xue Lianchun was the most evil official in persecuting Dafa practitioners. All policemen would report to him about the effectiveness of their torture methods. Guan County was responsible for carrying out a major portion of all of the persecution in Shandong Province. As of now, the evil still appears to be quite rampant. According to officials, they are trying to carry out a so-called "complete and thorough transformation" by the end of this year.

1 "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2 Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.