1. Specialized field of study:

Wei Xingyan is a graduate student majoring in "High-pressure Continuous Current Transmission and Simulation Technology" in the Electrical Engineering School of Chongqing University. People are used to calling it the "High-Pressure Power Transformer" major. The field of high-pressure continuous current transmission and simulation technology is one of the premier fields of study at Chongqing University. This field of study has only about 20 students.

2. Wei Xingyan's other information:

Wei Xingyan is about 1.65 meters (5'4") tall; students and teachers all recognize her as a beautiful girl with good stature. Her hometown is bordered on a county between Dujiangyan City and Lichun Borough of Pi County in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Since being raped by the vicious policemen on the night of May 13th, she has been on a hunger strike to protest and has persisted in meditating, and sending forth righteous thoughts in the Baihelin Detention Center. She has been kicked to the ground many times. On May 22nd, Wei Xingyan, very weak from the hunger strike, was sent to Chongqing's Southwest Hospital for emergency treatment. When Wei Xingyan's circumstances were exposed, the Chongqing municipal government and the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] on one hand, blocked all files and information about her university major in Chongqing University, and on the other hand, they said: "Wei Xingyan has already been picked up by her family members." Afterwards, it was confirmed that Wei Xingyan had not gone home at all. It is probable that Wei Xingyan has been transferred to another place to be persecuted further.

3. In order to conceal their responsibility for the offense, the "610 Office" policemen have blocked off all of Wei Xingyan's files and information regarding her major in Chongqing University. The "610 Office" also threatened the Chongqing University leaders, the Engineering school leader, the department heads and fellow teachers, the students, and so on. They are completely forbidden from talking and inquiring about Wei Xingyan's story. They have also officially informed Chongqing University to speak along the same line: "Tell all outsiders that you do not have a student named Wei Xingyan, and do not admit there is a field called high-pressure direct current transmission and simulation technology (or high-pressured power transformer)." Anyone who inquires about Wei Xingyan will be targeted and seized by the "610 Office." So far over 10 people have been arrested. Some are members of the University, and some are not.

Presently, all of Wei Xingyan's roommates in the dorm, and all of the female students living in half of the dorm building floor have disappeared without a trace. They are not at school. Their original dormitory is also empty. There are no classes in her field of study. It is said that they are secretly being controlled by the "610 Office" in other places. However, through comprehensive clarification of the truth by overseas practitioners, the majority of teachers and students in Chongqing University know about Wei Xingyan's capture, rape and force-feeding by those vicious policemen.

From collected information and policemen's movements, we can see that the police are vigorously attempting to conceal Wei Xingyan's story, and even making Wei Xingyan disappear. Let us appeal to the international community, and the world's kind people: Rescue this beautiful and kind graduate student -- Wei Xingyan!