(Minghui.org) Due to various influences, the Korean version of the Minghui website had stopped publication for over one year. After attending the Los Angeles Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in 2003, practitioners in Korea started to seriously examine the situations that had occurred in their cultivation and had stopped the website's progress. With support from the Korean Falun Dafa Association, practitioners responsible for the website work reformed their translation and editing teams, and have once again posted the Korean version of Minghui. At present, they are able to publish quite a few articles each day, thus enabling Korean practitioners to learn about the truth of Falun Gong and the persecution of practitioners in China. Korean readers also have the chance to read Dafa books from the website.

The Spanish version of the Minghui website is also up and running. Due to limited resources at present, it is updated once each week. Practitioners who would like to help improve the cultivation environment for practitioners who speak Spanish and help everyday people who speak Spanish to learn about the truth, please contact the Minghui editors at editor@minghui.org.

Thank you.

Link to the Korean version:

Link to the Spanish version: http://www.sabiduriapura.org/