Verse 1
A few years ago in a land far away,
As I walked through the bush on a hot summer's day,
There rose from some trees a glorious sound.
I looked and I looked and at last I found,
Hidden in the blossoms of an old gum tree,
Tiny gumnut babies, so beautiful to see.

And singing sweetly with hearts pure and clear.
The bush went quite still to watch and to hear.
Scattered crystals of light diffused the air,
And emeralds and rubies and other stones rare,
And diamonds like dewdrops on a butterfly
Turned into a rainbow spanning the sky.

Then the trees began to sing along,
So happy to learn this precious song.


Come lift up your heart, come sing with me
Tra-la-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la-lee,
Never falter from the truth, kind and tolerant be
And happiness will fill your heart for everyone to see.

Verse 2
As the gumnuts were happily singing their song,
A bad bunyip man came creeping along,
From out of the waterhole all slimy and green,
A most horrible creature, 'twas like a bad dream.

"Stop the singing! Not allowed!" he said with a croak,
"You must not be good, we like evil folk"
His friends were grotesque looking toad-like things,
With spikes in their heads and ears full of rings.

He paid all these creature a very large fee,
To destroy all the bush, cut down every tree.
The bushland became very barren and dark,
Nothing grew, no light--not a spark.
Not even one singing tree then could you hear,
Their hearts were so lost in pain and in fear.

Verse 3
Angry clouds up above they swirled and they howled
"What's going on there?" they grumbled and growled.

"New singing tree grow, no need to fear
One tree is destroyed ten others appear."
So the clouds made special rain and the water found
Some gumnuts that were hidden under the ground.
And the trees quickly grew to Zhen Shan Ren
And the bush was transformed to light again.

And the bunyip soon became extinct--he died.
I'd have to say that no one cried.

I want to make this very clear
The bunyip will never again appear.
For when there is no sin
The evil really cannot win.
If goodness has determination
The evil is in elimination.

And his wicked friends no more made a fuss,
They disintegrated--they are with us no more.
I tell you all this story's true,
For we are "The gumnuts" singing here for you.

Falun Dafa Hao, Falun Dafa Hao
Falun Dafa shi zheng fa, fo guang pu zhao.

--By an Australian Practitioner

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