(Minghui.org, April 28, 2003) In certain areas of Mainland China, some forms have appeared. It says that everyone must fill it out, and it is entitled "The persecution facts of Falun Gong practitioners." It has entries for name, gender, age, education level, profession, address, and history of being persecuted. It is claimed that this is required by someone higher up, and after being filled out it would be delivered to those higher up, passed up layer by layer, until it is hand delivered to "the very top." As these words are circulated among practitioners, some practitioners have already recognized that this is not in accordance with the Fa principles of Dafa. The Dafa disciples' validating the Fa and saving sentient beings all come from the heart. Dafa requires that we don't have everyday people's organizations and rankings, does not allow the collection of practitioners' name lists, and this form of collecting facts of the persecution have serious omissions when measured against the Fa principles. In addition, in the process of passing around the name lists, as well as the various intermediate steps, there are serious holes in the matter of safety. It is very likely that the evil would take advantage of loopholes and create losses for Dafa disciples.

The meaning of the Dafa disciples' existence in the period of Fa-rectification is absolutely not merely to find individual release through cultivation, instead, it is to save people of the world and sentient beings in the Fa-rectification period. But exposing the evil persecution is done by Dafa disciples entirely of their own accord and voluntarily. The recommendation is that they do their best to establish means for single-line communication with the Clearwisdom website and proceed in a safe fashion. Within Dafa no name lists exist whatsoever. In situations such as this form to collect names, Dafa disciples should immediately and directly point out to the fellow disciple who were passing around the list, the things that do not conform to Dafa with good intentions of being responsible to themselves, to other practitioners, and to the Fa, so that they can improve together. In the Fa-rectification, any way of doing things that has the attachment of doing things, of zealotry, of showing off, and other human attachments mixed in is extremely dangerous, and will bring about a variety of severe consequences. So it's necessary that everyone, in the processes of persistently and steadfastly studying the Fa well, constantly remind each other and correct themselves, so as to achieve the result of reaching Consummation through cultivation and saving sentient beings to the greatest extent.

In addition, recently in the process of overseas Dafa disciples' clarifying the truth, incidents of collecting signatures among practitioners have occurred in succession. The Dafa disciples' clarifying the truth is for the purpose of people of the world receiving salvation, for the purpose of clearing away this persecution that the evil is waging against Dafa and Dafa disciples and minimizing losses. We don't seek anything of this world. So whether it is collecting signatures or other forms of clarifying the truth, we cannot cater to convenience and go after sheer numbers, but should take clarifying the truth to the masses and saving people of the world as what is fundamental, while at the same time doing our best to comprehensively consider things from the basis of Fa principles and the overall situation. We should use our collective wisdom and coordinate to make up for individuals' sloppiness in regards to the Fa, clear away the interference brought about by everyday people's mentalities, and not provide any convenient avenues for the evil to persecute us.