I am a Dafa practitioner. One afternoon in June 2002, as my husband opened the oven, the telephone began to ring. He went to pick up the phone, but he forgot to close the oven door. When he came back to the kitchen, the plastic covering of the range hood had caught fire and was burning out of control.

When I ran into the kitchen, the scene I saw astonished me. The flaming range hood was making loud noises. I took a kitchen towel and dipped it into water and threw it toward the range hood; unpredictably, the fire became bigger. However, we had forgotten to turn off the gas valve. At that time I didn't feel afraid because I firmly believed that Master (the founder of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi) was beside me, and that there wasn't any danger at all.

Strangely, the raging fire that was burning the plastic caused flaming, molten material to fall down into the pot, stove plate, and the side of the stove switch. It was full of small fireballs. Only the outside edge of the liquid gas cylinder was free of flaming material. My house uses liquid gas cylinders, which are transparent plastic tubes. Moreover, the cylinder has an exposed, very long section outside part. After extinguishing the fire, we discovered that we hadn't closed the gas storage valve earlier.

Thanks to Master! He protected my family with mercy. If only a tiny bit of fire or a molten fireball had fallen into the liquid gas cylinder, the result would have been disastrous. Not only my house would have been reduced to ashes, but also my entire neighborhood.

Whenever I think of this event, I am in a state of gratitude that brings me to tears. I have nothing that could repay Master for what he has done. The only thing I can do is to do things according to Master's arrangement: follow the requirements of Falun Dafa, study the Fa, cultivate my mind, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, let go of selfishness, clarify the truth of Falun Gong to everyday people, and offer salvation to sentient beings.