(Minghui.org) The Minghui Editorial Board recently received letters from the mainland and noticed that some practitioners in the mainland also sent copies of the detailed letters to international human rights organizations.

Security has been an issue over the past four years, and we hope practitioners at Internet access points can make an immediate adjustment. It would be best to avoid such obvious safety loopholes and continue to follow the safety principle adopted by the Minghui information network--one-way communication.

If copying these letters to other organizations was the result of a misunderstanding caused by some individual Minghui reports, here we'd like to clarify and apologize.

There are mainly two reasons why this is a safety issue.

One is that if the persecuted practitioners' real names, home addresses, telephone numbers, identity card numbers, and other sensitive information are copied to more than one email address, the safety of the persecuted practitioners in the mainland cannot be guaranteed. We urge practitioners at Internet access points in the mainland to give priority to the overall situation and continue to maintain the one-way communication with the Minghui website. Internet access points in the mainland should avoid cross contact, and each Internet access point in the mainland should also be sure not to make cross-contact with overseas. Even more, they should not directly submit the personal information of fellow practitioners in the mainland to ordinary society. This will ensure the safety and reliability of Minghui information channels. “This isn't a matter of being afraid or not, it's about not letting the evil take advantage of any gaps.” ("Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference") If necessary, we will cautiously forward the needed information to relevant human rights organizations and practitioners' working groups through overseas practitioners' internal coordination.

Two is that some practitioners may have some human thoughts when they send copies of such letters to human rights organizations. Actually, looking at it from the Fa, no matter what form we use, in the matter of saving the world's people in the human world, Dafa disciples should take the lead, use our righteous thoughts, and help everyday people do what they should do. No matter which form, it is to save the world's people.

We hereby urge fellow practitioners to coordinate on this and hope to get everyone's cooperation.

Minghui Information Department March 10, 2003

Published March 11, 2003

Updated January 2, 2005