(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, within the span of one month, six Falun Dafa practitioners were abducted from the Babaishang District. Around 12:00am on August 13, when Fan Jianshe went to the No. 1 Brigade of the 2nd Well Drilling Company to take down a banner defaming Falun Dafa, he was abducted by several policemen who were waiting there to snatch the practitioners. According to witnesses, sparks were seen all around his body when he was being beaten by the Zhang Jianguo and others, all of whom were using electric batons. The next day, his family members went to the police station to see him and found that there were wounds everywhere on his face; even his lips were swollen and misshapen. Now Fan Jianshe has been illegally detained in the Honggang District Detention Center in Daqing City.

On August 23, Lin Shui and others from the Babaishang Police Station broke into practitioner Li Guilian's home. Upon discovering two truth-clarifying VCDs and several audio-tapes, they took Li Guilian to the Honggang Detention Center. On the sixth day, it was said that she would be sent to the Detention Center in Daqing City. Worrying that their 62 year-old mother might be unable to survive her detention, her children wrote a pledge letter under her name. On August 30 she was released.

On August 29 after 7:00pm, Falun Dafa practitioner Guo Qinghua went out with truth-clarifying materials to reveal the facts to the people. However, she ran into some plainclothes policemen from Babaishang. Because she clarified the truth to the policemen, Guo Qinghua was kidnapped and illegally detained in the Daqing City Detention Center.

On August 30 Dafa practitioner Liu Guiqin went to school to teach. The leader of the school sent four other teachers to watch her. That afternoon, policemen from Babaishang Police Station ransacked her home by force. After finding and taking away several truth-clarifying materials and books on Falun Gong, they went to the school and abducted Ms. Liu. She is presently being held in the Detention Center of Daqing City.

On August 30, about 8:00pm, Li Shulian, along with her daughter Sui Yumin, took some truth-clarifying materials and went to see the workers of a building maintenance group, all of whom were not native to the area. Upon clarifying the truth to the workers, Li and her daughter were abducted by policemen from the Babaishang Police Station. After taking their door keys, the policemen tried to ransack their home. However, after fiddling with the lock for a while, they failed to open the door. Finally, they took the mother and daughter to the police station. The next day they were sent to the Detention Center in Daqing City.

We hereby call upon Falun Dafa practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts together to clean up all the evil factors behind every policeman from the Babaishang Police Station.