(Clearwisdom.net) On February 19, 2001, Dafa practitioner Wang Lijuan received a phone call from her colleague telling her that the principal wanted the two of them to go to the school at 2:30 pm. When she arrived at the school , she was forcibly pushed into a police vehicle by the police from the Zijin Police Station who were waiting for her at the school's gate. Without any warrant, the police illegally searched her house, her mother's house, her mother-in-law's house, and her workplace. Then on February 20, 2001, Wang Lijuan was illegally detained. After a month in the Benxi City Detention Center, she was released on March 22. However, soon after she filled in the release form at the detention center, she was sent to the Drug-rehabilitation Center, where they attempted to force her to confess. But she did not succumb to their pressure tactics. Three days later, Wang Lijuan was again sent back to the detention center. On April 25, 2001, she was illegally put into prison without any legal procedure.

In May of 2001, the police again used their deceptive tactics to catch Wang Lijuan's husband, Zhao Chenglin. In July, Zhao Chenglin was sentenced to one-year labor education, and sent to the Weining Forced Labor Camp. He is still detained there today. In August, the procurator of the Mingshan district brought Wang Lijuan's case to trial. In September, Wang Lijuan's relatives asked to have a lawyer represent her, the school principal, and public procurators to talk with her. They told her that the outcome of her case depended entirely on her attitude. If her attitude was "good," she might not be sentenced, or receive a temporary suspended sentence and be released. However, their demeanor gave away their true intentions and Wang Lijuan did not buy their story. She responded by reaffirming her intention to cultivate Dafa to its proper conclusion, and that she would never go back on her word. So she received an indictment from the procurator from the Minshan district on September 24, and the court session was to open on November 7, 2001. In the courtroom, Wang Lijuan was calm and collected, exuding an air of awe-inspiring righteousness. She used the improvement of her mind and body after practicing Dafa to validate Dafa's benefit to this country and the people. At the same time, she condemned the police's unlawful victimization practices of using trumped-up charges, which violated the national judicial procedures. She also exposed the court's obsession to persecute her with groundless charges. The public prosecutors were rendered speechless; her relatives, colleagues, friends, and other people in the courtroom were flabbergasted with admiration. But, Jiang Zemin's accomplices had issued documents stipulating that no Falun Gong practitioner can be found innocent regardless of the situation. So, in order to persecute her, the court distorted the testimony of witnesses and passed down a guilty verdict. Finally, Wang Lijuan was unlawfully sentenced to 3 years in prison.

This is China's so-called judicial system that makes a mockery of the rule of law. It breaks up what could have been a happy family. At present, Wang Lijuan's husband is being illegally detained in a labor camp. Wang Lijuan herself is being illegally imprisoned. In her family, she has a mother-in-law bedridden with paralysis, a 90 year old grandmother, a mother wasted to a mere skeleton, and a retarded 12 year old son who also has physical complications due to his condition and difficulty with his grades at school. The family has spent all of their savings on attorney fees. The child has to depend on others for his schooling. The family of Wang Lijuan has suffered a great deal all because they continue to practice Falun Gong. This is the legal system under Jiang Zemin's dictatorship.