[Minghui Net] Falun Dafa practitioner Jiang Jing, from Chengyang District in Qingdao City, Shandong province, was detained without trial many times since she went to Beijing to appeal. While kept in a basement of the Chengzi Xinyuan Hotel, Ms. Jiang suffered severe persecution.

Once again, in March 2000, Ms. Jiang Jing went to Beijing to appeal and clarify the truth.

She was then detained in the same basement for over six months, suffering both mentally and physically. During this period of time, in order to protest against the violation of her human rights, Ms. Jiang went on a hunger strike three times for a total of twenty days, but no one paid any attention to her.

It was very dark and damp in the basement. She had neither bed nor blankets, and the police took her overcoat away as well. With only very thin clothes on, she was forced to squat (no sitting was allowed) on the icy-cold cement floor for twenty days. If she sat down for a while, the police would abuse and yell at her. She was only given a piece of pastry and a piece of preserved vegetable for a meal. She was not allowed to use water to clean herself. Confined in this dark basement, in the same room as the toilet, her days were as bitter as being in hell.

Her relatives had to get a permit from the city authority before they could go to see her. When her family member accused Wang Jian, who was the Chengyang town secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, of ruthlessly trampling Jiang Jing's human rights, Wang Jian said, "There are no human rights in China. If you want human rights, go to the United States!" He was merely expressing his government's attitude and policies.

In September, Jiang Jing escaped from the hotel basement, because she didn't want to endure the humiliation any more. But the local government didn't stop; they went to her relatives' homes to find her. In October, Xin Luoming, the Chengyang Town's new secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, ordered a group of thugs to surround and rush into Jiang Jing's grandmother's home without any warrant. The poor eighty-one year old grandmother knelt down and begged them to let Jiang go, but none of the thugs showed any sympathy. One of them even inhumanely said, "Who told her to run away? It is useless to kneel down!" The poor old grandmother was later taken to a hospital, suffering from her shock and anger. Finally, four thugs forced Jiang Jing into a police car. After being held at the police station for 24 hours, she was put into the same hotel basement to suffer once again. One month later, because she refused to write a letter of repentance, Xin Luoming, the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, senselessly forced Jiang Jing to the Zhonghan Mental Hospital in Laoshan, without getting any consent from her family members. Xin Luoming said, "I don't believe that I cannot control her; she will stay in the hospital forever unless she changes her mind." Then, he lied to her family by saying that in the hospital, there were no injections and medicine, only psychiatric nursing.

Inside the mental hospital, facing mental oppression by the medical staff members, Jiang Jing clarified the truth and validated Dafa to them benevolently. She explained to them the causal relationship between good and evil. However, having no regard for responsibility and morality, the head person of the hospital, Director Ding and some other medical staff members followed the town government's order and forcibly injected a drug into Jiang Jing. They also said, "The government sent you here so we cannot let you stay in comfort."

A few minutes after the injection, Jiang Jing started to feel uneasy. Her heart began pounding faster and faster and she felt panic. Her vision became blurred and even went totally dark. Her mouth and tongue felt dry. When Jiang Jing asked the medical staff what kind of drug it was, they lied, saying that it was a sedative to help her sleep. (A medical expert revealed the truth: this drug is banned by the government. It was only used on rabbits in lab experiments. When used in high doses, it kills rabbits instantly.) During the next few days, Jiang Jing couldn't eat or drink and became too weak to walk, but nobody was concerned. Furthermore, regardless of her agony, they forcibly injected drugs into her body twice more. When giving the injections, one staff member said, "If you keep on practicing Falun Gong, we'll give you electric needles." At the same time, the director of the town synthetic management office, Zhang Zhongkai, came to the mental hospital to press her to write a letter of repentance, saying, "As soon as you finish the letter, we'll let you go right away ..."

This kind of physical and mental torture lasted for a month before Jiang Jing found a way to escape from that den of monsters. On that night, people from the mental hospital went to her home to search for her again and the town government also sent people to her home threatening and harassing everyone. They didn't find her. For a long period of time, Jiang Jing's health remained bad.

Note: According to reliable sources, currently, there are still many Falun Dafa practitioners detained at Chengyang Town's 4th Station. Some of them were fined a huge amount of money and lost their freedom. Some time ago, the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, Xin Luoming, went to the Masanjia Labor Camp to learn how to torture practitioners. It appears that the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners will continue to escalate. We don't know how many innocent people will endure further suffering.

We eagerly call on all international human rights organizations to be concerned with this matter. We hope all kind-hearted people work together to resist, and suffocate the evil forces.

The criminal list:

Xin Luoming, the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee in Chengyang Town, Chengyang District, lives in Li Village.

Zhang Zhongkai, the director of the Chengyang Town Synthetic Management Office,

lives in Chengyang District.

Zhang shijin, the head person of the Special Group for Falun Gong Investigation in Chengyang Town, lives in Xiao Zaizi Village.

Yuan Fagang, Chengyang Town Judicial Department, lives in Zaohu Village.

Falun Dafa practitioners in China supplied the above information.

May 4, 2001