[Masanjia Labor Camp, Liaoning Province] Three Dafa Practitioners were Murdered in Masanjia Labor Camp Which was "Commended" by Jiang Zemin Regime

Recently, three male Dafa practitioners were beaten to death in Masanjia Labor Camp; their identities are currently unknown. This heinous labor camp, which was "commended" by Jiang Zemin regime because of its brutal persecution to Falun Gong practitioners, has not informed the practitioners' relatives in order to block the news. We hope the related department investigates these deaths.

[China] Stay Alert for Secret Agents Who Used Various Methods of Deceptions

Some special agents deceived Dafa practitioners in China and gained their trust using pictures they took of themselves with Dafa practitioners abroad when they attended Dafa Experience Sharing Conferences held outside China or on other occasions. They deceived several practitioners in China and caused them to be detained. Hope our practitioners in China and abroad are able to discern them clearly.

[Beijing] Dafa Practitioner Kidnapped by Police

The police kidnapped practitioner Zhang Yijie, an official of China Foreign Economics and Trade Ministry, on January 3. Until now, this persons whereabouts are unknown.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Dafa Practitioners Persecuted in "Education Class"

Recently, a large scale of arresting and detention of Falun Gong practitioners has started in Chengdu City and several nearby counties (cities). The police tried to forcibly transform the practitioners in the "education class." They took practitioners from their homes. They beat up and forcefully hauled those practitioners who did not cooperate with them into the police car. This reminded people of the police brutally beating up practitioners in Tiananmen Square. Especially when the police of Chenghua District Police Station were arresting Dafa practitioner Xu Yong (female, about 40 years old, thin and short), they even called out 16 policemen to publicly beat her near her home. One of Xu Yong's neighbors who was not a practitioner couldn't take it anymore. She came and spoke out for her. Shockingly, she was also brutally beaten. Under such severe situation, some practitioners had to leave their homes.

However, the news frequently broadcasted on the state-run TV claimed that the government patiently persuaded and educated Falun Gong practitioners in the same way mothers care for and protect their own children. The guards of the labor camps were even invited by the government to go around the country and give speeches about how they take care and protect the Falun Gong practitioners as their own brothers and sisters. They claimed that the practitioners could feel the warmth of the family in the labor camps.

What are the facts though? Even in the so-called "Education Class," the practitioners are routinely beaten and abused. The policeman publicly threatened, "beating you to death is nothing, your life is not even as valuable as a dog." Some policemen from the Wenjiang countryside area even threatened, "If we still can not transform you, we will send you (referred to young female practitioners) to become 'three accompanies lady' [in China this means prostitutes]." He also began to touch the private parts of a 32 years old female practitioner. From this appalling environment in the "Education Class," one can clearly understand the real situation in the labor camps.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Detained in Shenhe District of Shenyang City

During the Spring Festival, in order to prevent the practitioners from appealing, ten practitioners were forcibly and illegally taken away from their homes in Shenhe District of Shenyang City. In the name of "education," they were secretly detained at Dongling District Fangjialan Detention Center in Shenyang City. Currently, nine practitioners are still held in custody. We ask the Shenhe District government to immediately stop this serious illegal activity and release these detained practitioners.

[Liaocheng City, Shandong Province] The Childish Methods Used by the Liaocheng Bus Station Police in Shandong Province

Recently, the Liaocheng Bus Station Police shamelessly applied small stickers slandering Dafa on each bus. They charged 10 Yuan for each sticker (which is actually worth 1-2 Yuan). Fortunately, most of these stickers were cleaned up. People, including bus owners, complained that no one was trying to stop the corruption of the government while so much effort was put into persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

[Liaocheng City, Shandong Province] Practitioner Xiu Haifeng Detained for 2-3 Months and his Whereabouts are Unknown

Xiu Haifeng was detained for 2 to 3 months due to appealing in Beijing before the Spring Festival. Currently, his whereabouts are unknown. As the annual People's Congress Conference was drawing near, all practitioners who were once detained were illegally arrested again. In addition, they had to attend an "Education Class." The practitioners with known names (including those who were detained previously) were Shao Ziying, Song Xuedong, Cui Zhenying, Yang Fengying, Zhang Xulian, Li Qingwen and his wife Zhao Junpu, Sun Fenglan and Wang Fengwei.

[Haozhou City, Anhui Province] Dafa Practitioners were Illegally Detained in Haozhou City

In the last few days, at least 30 practitioners were put into jail in Haozhou City.

Sun Zikai, a practitioner from Hefei City, was illegally detained for almost a month due to clarifying the truth to the public. Untill now, his situation is unclear.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Dafa Practitioners were Missing

Dafa practitioners Xie Chunyao and Peng Qianshu disappeared one after another when they went to distribute Dafa truth materials during the middle of February 2001. Their whereabouts are not known now. We call on kind-hearted people to pay attention to this.

[Beijing] Information from Shanxi Province Liaison Office in Beijing

Last year, on the National Day, I went to Beijing to peacefully appeal to the government. In the Shanxi Province Liaison Office in Beijing, two teachers who came to take me back leaked a piece of information accidentally. They said, "There was a Ph. D student from Xi'an City, Shanxi Province. During his detention, the guard never touched him. However, the inmates beat him everyday. He was beaten up a total of 82 times in his 15 days of detention." The inmates were obviously incited by the guard of the detention center. They (two teachers) threatened that they would "educate me" with the same method after going back. In the mean time, they warned me not to tell anyone about this.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Inhuman Policeman Gao Zhongfeng Tortured Dafa Practitioners with Electric Batons

An inhuman policeman Gao Zhongfeng from the Zhennan Police Station of Kangping County tortured Dafa practitioners with electric batons on the back of their hands and necks until big blisters developed. He often tortured Dafa practitioners for a long time with electric batons. He put the electric baton on the practitioner's bodies until there was smells of burnt flesh. He also extorted money from the practitioners.

The local police station telephone is 011-86-24-87342534

[China] Persist on Dafa, Resist Vicious Psychological Attack

Recently, some so-called "ideology education workers" adopted the following methods to "transform" Dafa practitioners:

(1) Deceive the practitioners into seeking things externally and crossly finding faults in other fellow practitioners. This has led some practitioners to generate negative thoughts against Dafa.

(2) Use small problems of practitioners to slander Dafa and refute their cultivation.

(3) Discover the attachments of each practitioner and shake their beliefs in Dafa with various "emotions." They applied this especially to those practitioners who were party members.

It is said that the government studies the psychology of dissidents and tries to transform them with psychological attacks. Fellow practitioners, please strictly uphold your xinxing and keep righteous thoughts. The Dafa practitioners are absolutely right, while those who persecute Dafa are absolutely wrong. This is the basic premise of the major issues.