[A City in Southern China] Dafa Practitioners Come Together to Validate Dafa On the evening of January 2, 2001, Dafa practitioners in a city in southern China came together and posted more than 800 pieces of Dafa materials at public phone booths, bus stations and other public places in 7 districts of the city. All the practitioners returned home safely afterwards. During the next 9 consecutive days, fully armed military police set up check points at every intersection in one district of the city and searched the pedestrians passing by. Several days later, some out-of-town labourers, instead of the police, were hired to keep watch over the public phone booths, bus stations and other public places. This is the first time that Dafa practitioners in this city came together to validate Dafa. [Beijing] A Solemn and Stirring Scene on Tiananmen Square on New Year's Day of 2001 I arrived in Beijing in the morning the day before New Year's Day and stepped on Tiananmen Square at about 9 a.m. What I saw was that police and thier vans were everywhere around the square and the square was under an atmosphere of terror, without any grandeur or hospitality of the capital city of our motherland. All of a sudden, a loud and clear voice sounded out "Falun Dafa is good!" from around the national flag's pole. It was a female Dafa practitioner about 50 years old who was running and shouting among the tourists while raising with her both hands a banner carrying the words "Restore the Innocence of Dafa". At that time, 4 plainclothes police rushed toward her and without speaking a word, they kicked and beat her, trying to take the banner away from her. This practitioner was beaten to bleed all over her face, but she still firmly shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!". One plainclothes policeman pulled her hair with both hands and inhumanly struck her face with his knee. Then the 4 plainclothes police dragged the practitioner by her arms and legs and threw her into a police van coming to the scene. Another male practitioner about 50 years old was pressed down on the ground by several plainclothes thugs right after he unfurled a banner in the center of the square. One thug venomously kicked him in his face with his leather shoe. Blood burst all over the practitioner's face and the practitioner immediately fainted. The thugs wanted to carry the practitioner into a police van. Since the practitioner was unconscious and his body was covered with blood, the thugs left the practitioner unattended on the square in the end. After a while, the practitioner came to himself. He supported himself with his hands and painfully sat up. He pulled some paper tissues from his pocket, wiped out the blood on his face and stood up resolutely. How solemn and stirring it was! There were more than one thousand people on the square who witnessed such a tragic scene with their own eyes. [Beijing] A New Agency Is Set Up in Beijing to Suppress Dafa Practitioners A new agency called "610" aiming at suppressing Dafa practitioners was set up with the cooperation of police stations, street offices and city administration bureaus of the districts in Beijing. A Dafa practitioner from Chaoyang district said that that morning he had seen two Dafa practitioners being tailed by plainclothes "610" agents all the way to the farmer's market right after they departed from their homes. The "610" agents finally gave up tailing him after they made sure that the two practitioners had not distributed Dafa materials. Two plainclothes "610" agents boasted that the new "610" agency possessed huge "power" and they were allowed to persecute Dafa practitioners by all means. What they don't know is that beyond the evil regulations established by Jiang Zemin and his accomplices, the law of the universe and all the gods are controlling everything. The heavenly principles of "goodness necessitates a sharing of itself; sow the wind and reap the whirlwind" will never change according to the thoughts of human beings. It is reported that the Public Security Bureau has stipulated that, to guarantee the social stability during the holiday season of Spring Festival, all practitioners who still do not give up their cultivation must be detained before January 15. At present, the police have to take strict precautions against Falun Gong practitioners whenever holidays or "special" dates are approaching. They put their whole force into controlling the good people who are just cultivating mind and body, instead of taking care of those serious cases such as murder, arson, bribery, robbery, drug addiction, and corruption. Who knows how long Jiang Zemin and his accomplices can afford to continue doing such wrongful deeds. [Beijing] Falun Gong Practitioners Face Another Round of Persecution Before Annan's Visit to China Since UN official Cofi Annan will come to visit China soon, the mayor of Beijing Jia Qinglin has taken pains to assure that he sees none of the persecution. To this end, he issued a notice to every police station and street office in Beijing. In this notice, he requested that the police call in all known Falun Gong practitioners and force them to write a guarantee letter promising that they will not go out on the street to clarify the truth, and to watch over all the practitioners who refuse to write this letter. [Beijing] Ticket Examiners at Tiananmen City Gate Tower Wantonly Trample the Constitution and Violate Human Rights At 1:30 p.m. on January 6, my spouse and I visited world-famous Tiananmen city gate tower in respect and admiration. As soon as we entered the ticket examination point, three ticket examiners stopped us and, under the instructions of one male examiner among them, the other two (one male and one female) examined our tickets and searched us. In the public gaze, they forcibly unbuttoned our outer wear and searched all over our bodies from head to feet in broad daylight, regardless of our will and human dignity. Is this a portraitr of the "period of best human rights in China's history" that Jiang Zemin has mentioned to the world? What a whopper! It is really violating the people's will! It is clear at a glance who has trampled the Constitution and violated human rights. This is in sharp contrast with Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful appeals and civilized behavior. Kind-hearted people: please visit Tiananmen and you will know clearly who is right and who is wrong, who is virtuous and who is evil. Editors and reporters of Xinhua Agency and People's Daily: Don't fabricate lies against your own conscience anymore! You cannot blindfold people's eyes! A tourist January 11 [Langfang, Hebei Province] News from Langfang More than 100 Dafa practitioners from Langfang stepped forward together to go to Tiananmen to validate Dafa on the first day of the new millennium (most of them were stepping forward for the first time). Some of them were illegally arrested and sent back to Langfang. Among them, those practitioners over 60 years old were released after several days' illegal detention, and those practitioners regarded as "relatively stubborn" were directly sent to labor reeducation camp without any legal procedure. At present, there is no information about the other practitioners who went to Tiananmen. Police illegally ransacked the home of Yang Jinbao (a Dafa practitioner from Langfang) and took away tens of thousands Yuan RMB (thousands of US dollars, average monthly salary in urban areas in China is about 50 US dollars) which is the compensation for his whole length of service. Dafa practitioners Zhi Fugui, his son Zhi Jun, and Gao Haiku from Wanzhuang Town were arrested while distributing Dafa materials in early part of January. Currently, they are illegally detained at the detention center of Langfang City. [Shengyang, Liaoning Province] Partial List of the Arrested Dafa Practitioners Fan Manhong: female, 32 years old, a resident of Ganghua village of Dadong district of Shenyang city. --- She went to Beijing to appeal in the end of 1999 and was arrested on the way. She is currently detained at Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp in Shenyang city for a three-year term. Zhang Xinhua: female, 33 years old, a resident of Ganghua village of Dadong district of Shenyang city --- 5 policemen from Zhulinqiao police station arrested her while she was going to her child's school to take her child for lunch. She is currently detained at Fangjialan detention center in Shenyang city. Song Bing: female, 27 years old, a resident of Dadong district of Shenyang city ---She was arrested at home without reason in the middle ten days of November 2000. She is currently detained at Fangjialan detention center in Shenyang city. Zhang Haixin: male, 29 years old, a resident of a construction machinery factory of Dadong district of Shenyang city --- He was arrested at home without reason in the middle ten days of November 2000 and his current status is unknown. Wang Huilan: female, 54 years old, a resident of a chinaware factory of Dadong district of Shenyang city ---On December 27, 2000, police from Zhulinqiao police station went to her home and told her to come with them for an inquiry, promising to send her back home two hours later. Instead, she was sent to Fangjialan detention center in Shenyang city and has not returned home till now. Li Hongqing: female, 31 years old, a Dafa practitioner from Dadong district of Shenyang city --- She is the wife of Dafa practitioner Zhong Hongjie who was beaten to death. She was once detained together with her husband at the evil police station of Tiexi district. Her status after her husband's death is unknown. She was secretly detained and was in a very tough situation. We hope that kind-hearted people can extend their help to her. Li Hongwei: male, 37 years old, a photographer --- He lives in Dadong district of Shenyang city. He and his younger sister Li Hongqing were arrested at the same time. His current status is unknown. [Hangzhou City, Jiangsu Province] The Situation of the Persecution Against Dafa Practitioners in Hangzhou The situation of some practitioners in Hangzhou City over the past year: Zhu Jianming, a former contact person of Hangzhou Falun Gong Assistance Center: ---After July 22nd, 1999, under the high pressure and in the position of losing his personal freedom, Zhu Jianming said some words harmful to Dafa against his will. After this, he wrote a letter to the public security officials to declare all these statements invalid. From then on, in order to avoid the evil persecution, he has been away from home for about half a year. Shen Youzhen, a former assistant of Hangzhou Falun Gong Assistance Center: ---A few days ago, Hangzhou public security officers forcibly sent him to a labor education camp to be" transformed". Later on, he declared that all the statements he made during the period of the transformation were invalid. As a result, the public security officers once again illegally ransacked his home, and then detained him. Wu Xiangbing, a former contact person of Hangzhou Falun Gong Assistance Center Wang Dawu's wife, has also been detained. [Beijing City] More Than 40 Practitioners Are Detained in Beijing Public Security Bureau, and the Information Tightly Blocked According to a reliable source, more than 40 Dafa practitioners from various places around the country are currently being detained at the Beijing Public Security Bureau. These practitioners are considered to be seriously offensive for unfurling banners reading" Falun Dafa is good." etc, and shouting those words in Tiananmen Square during New Year's Day. Information about them is tightly blocked, and no one is allowed to visit them. Even their local Public Security Bureaus or Police Stations cannot take them back. We don't know what brutal means these lawless thugs will adopt to torture Dafa practitioners, or what kinds of experiments they will do on these living people. We hope that it will arouse the widespread concern of the international community, and you will try every means to rescue those detained Dafa practitioners. [Zibo City, Shandong Province] Dafa Practitioners from Qilu Petrochemical Company, Zibo City, Shandong Province Are Arrested Zheng Hui, female, 39 years old, is an employee of the Plastics Factory of Qilu Petrochemical Company. She was arrested in Beijing on December 30, and then was taken away by Zibo Public Security Bureau on January 1. Her whereabouts remain unknown until now. Geng Lei, female, 36 years old, is an employee of the Second Branch of Qilu Petrochemical Company. She was arrested in Tiananmen on the morning of December 31, and was then escorted back to Qilu Petrochemical Company. She had many bruises on her body, her fingers were broken, and she suffered from hematuria. She is still being detained and isn't allowed to go back home. Her home phone number is 86-533---7584279. [Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Guangzhou Temporary Detention Center Is Even Harsher Than Long Term Detention Centers Some practitioners who attended the large-scale group practice in Guangzhou on June18, 2000, were finally sent to Guangzhou Shuiyin Street Temporary Detention Center because they refused to give out their names and addresses. Later on, some other practitioners who went to Beijing to validate Dafa who were arrested but didn't give out their names and addresses, were also sent to this detention center. They revealed that the treatment they received in this temporary detention center was even harsher than in long term detention centers. The Dafa practitioners, according to gender, were locked up separately in the cells special for mental patients, which were five square meters in total. The space was enough only for one bed, however 8 people were packed into each cell. The ventilator in the cell was about a quarter square meter. There was neither toilet nor water pipe, but a drainpipe with the size of the rim of a cup. All the people in each cell excreted there, but there was only half a bucket of water supplied each day. One female practitioner was detained more than 180 days, and she couldn't wash her face, brush her teeth, or wash her hair, not to mention take a shower. There was a couple and their 1-year-old baby also being detained here after they came back from Beijing, and even the baby was not let out. They were not released until they were detained in such a "small cell" for 100 days. Neither adults nor children had enough food, and we had to endure hunger everyday. To our surprise, so many people shared one small cell with no bathroom, however, there was no stench in the cell. During the hottest summer in Guangdong, without washing hair or taking showers outside the detention center, one is definitely unable to endure. In the cell, we didn't have any bad feelings without being able to wash ourselves for several months. That one-year-old baby was also quite well behaved and never made trouble. We know this is the power of Dafa. Though they maltreated us like this, we still maintained a peaceful heart and firmness to Dafa. [Qidong County, Hunan Province] The Public Security Officers in Qidong County, Hunan Province Brutally Persecute Dafa Practitioners Since July 20, 2000, the police of Qidong County, Huan Province have been brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners who distributed Dafa materials or went to Beijing to appeal. Some practitioners were beaten until injured or permanently handicapped, some were detained for a long time, some were fined a large amount of money, and some have had their homes ransacked, etc. After New Year's Day, 2001, the persecution was escalated. At present, nobody, without exception, is allowed to visit the detained practitioners. Their information is totally blocked and they are secluded from the outside world. The County Committee Secretary Dai Tingyong and the county chief Cai Duncheng personally supervised and directed the persecution. Below is the situation of the tortured Dafa practitioners: Zhou Jianping: female, over 40 years old ---She wrote a letter to the Public Security Department in November 2000 to request them to release all the detained Dafa practitioners therefore was arrested. In the detention center, two policemen brutally beat her for 5 hours. Her whole body was bruised, and she could no longer move. Other people carried her back to the ward. She is still being detained now and has lost contact with the outside. Liu Xuhui: female, 31 years old ---She went to Beijing to appeal in September 2000 and spread Dafa materials. One of her eyes was badly beaten and she was later released. Shi Jinhua: female, 52 years old. ---Because she went to Beijing to appeal and spread Dafa materials, her hand was broken by the police in Baidishi Town Police Station of Qidong County. Tan Jinfang: female, 46 years old ---She has been detained for a long period of time because she persisted in practicing Falun Dafa and going to Beijing to appeal. During an interrogation, the police smeared excrement and urine on her face and dumped excrements and urine on her bed. Zhou Fengfang: female, 50 years old ---She went to Beijing to appeal in September 2000. After being escorted back to Qidong, she has had both kneecaps broken. She was unable to walk and was released later. Xuanshou: male, 57 years old ---He went to Beijing to appeal in July 2000. After being escorted back, he was brutally beaten for 4 hours. He has been sentenced 2-year labor education. Kuangcheng: male, 44 years old ---He has been detained for a long period of time because of going to Beijing to appeal. He is detained in the county detention center currently. Tan Jinfang: female, 45 years old ---She has been detained for a long period of time because she persists in practicing Falun Dafa and has not been able to afford the fines. Li Yanxiu: female, 41 years old ---She went to Beijing to appeal on December 26, 2000, and was taken back to Qidong to be detained on January 4. Nobody was allowed to visit her, and her home was ransacked. Her situation during the detention is unknown. Xiao Shugui: female, 38 years old ---After practicing Falun Dafa for only 4 months, she went to Beijing to appeal on December 28, 2000 and was escorted back to be detained. Her home was ransacked and the details of the persecution are not clear. Tan Fusheng and Tan Dejian ---After being arrested because of planing to go to Beijing to appeal, they were detained in the county detention center, and nobody is allowed to visit them. The details of the persecution are not clear. Wang Dongmei: female, 32 years old ---She went to Beijing to appeal on December 28, and was arrested on January 4. She was secluded from the outside world, and her situation is unknown. Wang Lanhua, female, 18 years old ---She went to Beijing to appeal together with Wang Dongmei, and her situation is unknown. He Yinxiu: an employee of Yueping Park ---She went to Beijing to appeal on October 26, 2000. After being arrested in Tiananmen, she was detained in a drug rehabilitation center for 30 days. She was beaten up and fined 5,000 Yuan RMB. In December 1999, she went to appeal once again. She was detained for 40 days after being arrested in Tiananmen. She was punished by having to kneel on the ground and not allowed to sleep. She was fined another 5,000 Yuan in addition to the 800 Yuan for living expenses. The third time, she was forcibly taken away from home to be interrogated and was detained for 32 days in the detention center and forced to pay 650 Yuan for living expenses. Besides the above Dafa practitioners that we have known, there are numerous practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal whose whereabouts are unknown. It is said that Qidong County Public Security Bureau has adopted more severe measures to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal or spread Dafa materials. First, a fine of a large amount of money; second, cut off the contact between the detained practitioners and the people outside; third, forcibly transform them for 1-3 months. If practitioners still cannot be transformed, they will extend the period of the transformation. All the sympathizers and Dafa practitioners both at home and abroad: Please make joint efforts to support these practitioners and eradicate the evil. Below is a name list of the evil people in Qidong County: Dai Tingyong: the County Committee Secretary and a director of persecuting Dafa practitioners. His cellular phone number is 86-13974730266 or 86-13907476122 Cai Duncheng, the county chief and a director of persecuting Dafa practitioners His Cellular phone number is 86-13974708699 Cai Demin, the head of the county Chengxi police station, and one of the vicious people who persecute Dafa practitioners His Cellular phone number is 86-13707475290 Li Wei, a policeman of the political protection department of the county Public Security Bureau, and one of the vicious people who persecuted Dafa practitioners. His home phone number is 86-734-6266465 He Zhengrong: the head of the political protection department of the county Public Security Bureau, and one of the vicious people, who persecute Dafa practitioners His home phone number is 86-734-6269262, his office phone number is 86-734-6261726-6035 and his cellular phone number is 13707475839 Liu Zhengtian: a director of the county detention center, his phone number is 86-734-6265397 Zhang Wanli: a director of the county detention center, his phone number is 86-734-6260591 Hu Guoping: the political secretary of 610 office of the county Public Security Bureau His home number is 86-734-6268306, and his cellular phone number is 86-13908446926 Lei Dongsheng: a director of a police station. His phone number is 86-734-6312103, and his cellular phone number is 86-13908446926 The phone number of Taihetang Police Station is 86-734-6390031 The phone number of Jiangjiaqiao Police Station is 86-734-6380018 The phone number of Buyunqiao Police Station is 86-734-6370027 The phone number of Shitingzi Police Station is 86-734-7860109 Liu Zhiwei: the director of Huangtupu Police Station. His phone number is 86-734-6360055 The phone number of a police station in a certain place is 86-734-6352359 The phone number of Guoshuiping Police Station is 86-734-6336374 Du Fengqiu: the head of political protection department of Chengnan Public Security Bureau, Hengyang City, Hunan Province. His phone number is 86-0734-8267190 [Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Chengdu No. 51 Middle School Illegally Withhold Compensation of the Dafa Practitioners in this School The Party Committee Secretary of Chengdu 429 Factory instigated the headmaster Zi Yu and the Secretary Ji Airong of its subordinate affiliated middle school---Chengdu No.51 Middle School to terminate the labor contract of the school teacher Zhang Chunmei, and meanwhile, withhold more than 7,000 Yuan RMB of her lump-sum compensation. On July 22, 1999, Zhang Chunmei went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa, and was escorted back to be detained. Between June 30, 2000 and August 2, she was illegally detained twice. The evil people of 420 Factory also terminated the labor contract of Dafa practitioner Gu Xiaorong etc. and withheld their 7,000 Yuan RMB of a lump-sum compensation. However, Dafa practitioners in 420 Factory didn't yield to the pressure. A few days ago, Cao Jinfeng, who had been to Beijing to safeguard the Fa several times, once again went to Beijing to protest the frenzied persecution of the evil force. [Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Dafa Practitioner Is Forced to Leave Home Dafa practitioner Xia Shuhua lives in the family area of 606 Institute, Shenhe District, Shenyang City. She was arrested and tortured many times because of practicing Falun Dafa. Last August, police took her away with the excuse of asking her some questions and sent her to the fifth detention center. She was not released even after the term was over. Only after 28 days' hunger strike, was she released. In October 2000, police went to her house again, attempting to take her away with the same excuse. She resisted with justifiable grounds. With the help from her husband and her daughters, she resourcefully escaped. However, she could not go home since then. Her husband and her two daughters miss her. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] The Truth of Transformation in Zhangshi Detention Center There are 50 people detained at Zhangshi Detention Center. Among them, there are 20 members of the Transforming Team who have been rewarded for their achievements in "transforming" work. The incoming Dafa practitioners were detained in the New Enrollment Team. They do not have enough to eat and have to do super heavy work there. They are not allowed to brush teeth or shave. They do not have quilts and can only sleep for three to four hours under ragged cloth every day. Everyone has a strong odor. Many practitioners are infested with lice and have long beards. After a half month of such "education", they are sent to the fifth team, which is the detention center for Dafa practitioners. At that time, the 20 members of the Transforming Team will show up in front of them, they call themselves fellow Dafa practitioners and persuade these incoming practitioners. They explain Master's words from the opposite. They name it "enlightenment to the principles at higher levels", "finding the connotation in the book" and "putting down the biggest attachment" etc. The incoming practitioners are very fatigued both in body and mind. If one transforming person fails, two or three more will come to the practitioner to prevent him from having rest. One practitioner did not agree with their views and the transforming member hit him on his head with a bench while shouting viciously, "Let me see you not transformed! Let me see you not transformed!" They force the practitioners who are not transformed to stand against wall until late at night. When one has no energy to argue with them, they will bring in the prepared materials and ask him to copy and sign it, and then they can go to their supervisors to ask for awards. Some "transformed" practitioners become clear-minded after a couple of days and realize that these so-called "fellow practitioners" are actually working for the evil forces. When these practitioners want to make up for their mistakes, the transforming team members will say that they are having "relapses". Waiting for them are torture, being sent to other teams to be detained together with criminals, and being watched over by four criminals while being disallowed to talk to others or see family members. Presently, at Zhangshi Detention Center, besides the practitioners that are not transformed at all, after 4 "transformed" practitioners had "relapses", more than ten other "transformed" practitioners also had "relapses" and returned to the group of cultivators. [Shanghai City] The Persecution of Evil Forces in Shanghai against Dafa Practitioners in Fudan University On October 31, 2000, Shanghai police broke into a residential house rented by Dafa practitioners in Fudan University for Dafa work and arrested all the people in the house. After one month's detention, the university only bailed out three of them and kept them under surveillance until January 2, 2001. The other people including Liu Xueyuan, Chen Huijing were still under arrest and waiting for sentence. On January 11, the bailed-out Ph.D. student Jiang Bin was deceived to the security office of the University for a talk. After a while, some one from Shanghai police station came and showed him the warrant for arrest and arrested him. Now he is also waiting to be sentenced. The evil forces shouted madly, "One third of the flyers in Shanghai come from you Fudan University, ...... I must give you a heavy sentence this time!" [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Police Arrest People Illegally On December 26, 2000, at about 10 p.m., a group of bandit police in Shenyang broke into the house of Dafa practitioner Li Shangrong (about 28 years old). Without a warrant, they arrested Li and confiscated his computer, laser printer and copier illegally. They also seized his Dafa books. Only his wife and their newborn baby were left at home. Until now, he is prevented from meeting with his family. His situation is unknown. We appeal to all kind-hearted people to condemn and prevent such base behavior of violating the law as law executors, and to ask the police to release Li immediately and unconditionally. [Nanhai City, Guangdong Province] Police Photograph Practitioners Secretly Recently police in Huangqi District, Nanhai City, Guangdong Province forcibly photograph Dafa practitioners. They photograph practitioners when they are walking on street, shopping or getting into buses. Two policemen, Zhou and Lin, even went to a practitioner's home and pinned him down to take pictures. Some practitioners said they are like thieves. They even had the gall to say: "We are not only thieves, we are bandits!" Some practitioners presented this issue to the police station but the head of the police station said that he did not know about it. Huangqi Police Station phone No. 86-757-5932163. Alarm phone No. 86-757-5932663. [Nanhai City, Guangdong Province] The Situation of Persecution against Practitioners in Nanhai City Heshun District: Li Jichang, resident of Wenjiao Village. He is kind-hearted and always willing to help others. He has been interrogated and arrested many times. Later he was sent to Sanshui labor camp. However, police did not show him any warrant, nor did they inform his family. When his family found him in labor camp and pulled him out of a water cell, he was almost dead. Wu Jianpei, retired staff of Heshun Hospital. He was sent to Sanshui labor camp without any reason. His 80-year old mother was left behind, with nobody taking care of her. Tang Zhengyi, arrested while talking with his friend in his friend's house. He was sent to Sanshui labor camp for two years' labor reeducation. Kong Fantong, male, a teacher in his twenties, was sentenced to two years' labor reeducation. Liang Jifen, male, about forty years old, a staff of a concrete factory, was sentenced to two years' labor reeducation. Long Jianhao, female, 27 years old, was sentenced to two years' labor reeducation. Guicheng District: Chen Xiangyang: Last August, when his wife was giving birth to their baby, he was pulled away by police and sent to labor camp for three years without any reason. Chen Haiban, female, over 50 years old, was sentenced to a term of unknown period of time. Peng Miaoshan, female, 25 years old, was sentenced to a term of unknown period of time. Lishui District: Zhong Manhong: He was arrested last July and detained for one month. After he returned home he was kept under surveillance. After a few days, he was arrested again and sent to labor camp for one year. Now he can barely see anything with his eyes. Huangqi District: Zhang Fadong: He was sentenced to one year in labor camp. Thus, his family's economic source was immediately cut off. When police ransacked his home, they even stole the 3000 Yuan RMB (400 USD, more than half year' salary for an average urban resident in China) living fee, which was borrowed from others by his wife. When she complained to the police station, they did not pay any attention to it. Chen Ran: She was detained many times and sentenced to labor camp. Once at 3 a.m. when she was sleeping at home, she was arrested and sent to detention center for 1 month. Two of her classmates who stayed in her home were also taken away together with her. They were sentenced to labor reeducation later. Zhong Xiuqiong: She was cheated to police station from her home. From there the police sent her to labor camp for two years. Wu Yanzhen: She was cheated to police station and sent to Sanshui labor camp for two years. Her husband works in Hongkong, and her 12-year-old daughter is left at home with nobody taking care of her. Wei Junhang, male, 27 years old, was sentenced to 3 years' labor reeducation. Yanbu District: Huo Wanhong was arrested while she was taking a train. Police libeled on her by saying that she intended to go to Beijing to interrupt social order, and sent her to detention center for 1 month. After she went back home, police cheated her to police station and sent her to Sanshui labor camp for two years without any legal procedure. He Sifeng, female, over 40 years old. She was sentenced to one year in labor camp. Dayong District: Wu Junfeng, male, 28 years old. He was sentenced to two years' labor reeducation. He was shocked with two stun batons every day at the labor camp and his whole body became black. But he is very firm and has not written any "repentance paper". List of Vicious People: Li Yanghuan is the head of political security department of Nanhai Police Station. He is in charge of Falun Gong issue. In order to be promoted and get rewards, he has given over his conscience and vented his demonic nature on Dafa practitioners. He ransacked their homes, sent them to labor camps, and extorted confessions with cruel tortures. He made people lose their jobs, and spread rumors that Falun Gong practitioners do not want to work, while for those practitioners who found a job, he prohibited the work units from accepting them. He broke up many happy families and forced many kind-hearted people to wander about and become homeless. Phone No: Political security department in Nanhai Police Station: 86-757-6336371 Police station of Yanbu district: 86-757-5777110, 86-757-5779292, 86-757-5785292 Police station of Huangqi district: 86-757-5930381 Police station of Heshun district: 86-757-5118922 Police station of Lishui district: 86-757-5663850, 86-757-5662205 Police station of Dayong district, Public Security Team: 86-757-5551700, 86-757-5553554