[Beijing] Police at Tiananmen Square Beat Up an 85-Year-Old Woman I was 85 years old in the year 2000, and on December 19, I went to Tiananmen Square. A public security officer walked up and asked me if I practiced Falun Gong, then tried to force me to say that my Teacher is not good. I benefited greatly from practicing Falun Gong. Before, I had many illnesses, and could hardly move any of my four limbs. Since practicing Dafa (the great law and universal principle), my body has lightened, and I would not feel tired even when climbing the Great Wall. How could I say something against my conscience? So I told him: "Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa offers salvation to people." As a result, several young men dressed to look like tourists came up, pressed my head down to the ground, and delivered several strong blows to my head with police batons. My hat was nowhere to be found. Then these people dragged me into a vehicle. Two police officers (one man and one woman) brandished police batons in front of my face while on the way to the Tiananmen police sub-station. The police over there were even meaner, as they hit and kicked anyone at will. Eventually they realized that I was over 80 years old and dragged me out of the police station. [Northeast China] The Truth of Dafa Spreads across Cities and Towns Dafa practitioners from a city in Northeast China firmly cultivate Dafa by following the Teacher closely. They are especially encouraged by the Teacher's Fa lecturing speeches at the Western US Cultivation Sharing Conference and Great Lakes Conference. The practitioners once again have felt their great Teacher's benevolence and painstaking efforts for their salvation. They are determined to keep up with the Teacher's Fa rectification process, and not to miss this rare cultivation opportunity which may not occur again for thousands of years. In November and December 2000 alone, over 400,000 pieces of Dafa truth-clarifying materials were distributed to cities and towns. Over 1,000 banners were posted in parks, on residential buildings, on highway utility poles, and on overpasses. Signs painted with red and yellow spray-paints can be seen everywhere: "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Falun Dafa is A Righteous Fa." Dafa broadcasts through loud speakers have been occurring on a preset schedule, and the voice of Dafa is being spread to all the cities and towns. More and more kind-hearted people are learning the truth of Dafa, and offering help and support to practitioners. This is because of the mighty power of Dafa, and the cosmic climate changes brought about by the Fa rectifying the human world. Although the evil forces have gone mad in arresting practitioners, and sentenced over 100 to 1 to 3-year-terms of forced labor re-education, more and more practitioners are stepping forward to validate Dafa, clarify the truth and effectively curb the insane behavior of the police. Since October 1, 2000 (the China National Day /by translator), over 50 practitioners have gone to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. The police involved have admited: "Dafa practitioners are great, and cannot be subdued by force." Just as the Teacher said in the Western US Cultivation Sharing Conference: "after the evil was eliminated, people became clearheaded and now they're reconsidering and reevaluating all these. The lies and fabrications will all be exposed one by one."(from the Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa on October 21, 2000, http://www.clearwisdom.net/eng/2000/Nov/05/JingWen110500.html /by translator). We need to do everything necessary, truly play the role of Dafa particles, and cultivate ourselves unceasingly until reaching consummation. Since the publication of the Teacher's Fa lecture in the Great Lakes Fa Conference, another 44 practitioners from this city have gone to Beijing to validate Dafa and been escorted back. We do not know the whereabouts of over 20 others who went to Beijing. [Heilongjiang Province] Heilongjiang Government Resorts to Wicked Means to Prevent Dafa Practitioners from going to Beijing to Validate Dafa The municipal government of Hailin City, Heilongjiang Province, has resorted to extremely wicked means to prevent Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing. They posted Master Li Hongzhi's portraits on walkways near entrances and exits to ticket offices to trap inadvertent passengers into stepping on them. Their actions have not only damaged the image of Hailin City Government, but also hurt many innocent people. We herein warn the Hailin City Government: Stop this evil act immediately! We hope those people who are not aware of the truth will not be mislead into committing immeasurably sinful karma. Plainclothes special agents have been sent to the railroad station pretending to be Falun Gong practitioners, but they arrest people as soon as they are discovered to be true practitioners. Following Jilin Province's example, the Heilongjiang Provincial Government placed Master's portrait in front of train entrances before New Year's Day, so that passengers had to step on the portrait to board the train. Those who refused were arrested on the spot. Over 30 or so Dafa practitioners from Mudanjiang rushed to the railway station and removed some of the portraits, and in the process, over 10 were arrested. Even a mother holding a 40-day-old infant was arrested, and as of now is still in custody. [Beijing] Police in East Tiananmen Police Sub-Station Use Methods of Infamous Massanjia Labor Camp to Torture Dafa Practitioners Around 10:00 AM on December 29, 2000, we had just gotten off the subway train at the East Tiananmen station, when we were stopped by four or five plainclothes agents using the excuse of inspecting ID cards. Only 2 out of 12 managed to escape, and the rest of us were taken to the East Tiananmen Police Sub-Station. Police found the truth-clarifying materials and banners that we carried and took them away forcibly. Since none of us gave out our names or addresses, the Chief of the Sub-station gave orders for the police to shock the practitioners with electric batons, beat and kick them, pour cold water on their bodies, stab their finger nails with ball-point pens, and beat them with fire extinguishers. They also forced practitioners to step on Dafa books and banners, etc. Not even elderly ladies or young students were exempted. The most wicked thing was that those male police, following the instructions of their Chief, arbitrarily humiliated female practitioners, including seniors in their 60's. Later on the shameless Chief asked the female practitioners: "Did they strip off your clothes? To what extent did they strip you?" The police also forcibly held down practitioners and wrote words slandering Dafa on their bodies and clothing. The wickedness of the police was comparable to that of the Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp. [Yanqing County, Beijing] Police in Yanqing County Torture Dafa Practitioners On January 1, 2001, eight of us went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa by unfurling two four-meter long banners. Police rushed up, grabbed our banners and beat us up. They beat us to the ground and dragged us to police vans by our hair. When we refused to get in the vans, the police then beat and kicked us, even a five-year-old child, and threw us forcibly into the van. We cried out: "Falun Dafa is good!" "Falun Dafa is an orthodox Fa!" "Practicing Falun Gong is not a crime!" A policeman kicked one practitioner in the lower abdomen with all his strength. The practitioner fell down, rolled over, and later was pulled into the van forcibly. The police van was driven to Tiananmen Branch Police Station, where there were already nearly one hundred practitioners being detained. They recited "Lunyu" (Preface of "Zhuan Falun") and "Hongyin" (Master Li's poem). Then we were escorted to the newly built Changping Prison. Over 60 people were locked up in one room and it was too crowded to sit down. The next day, we were taken to the Yanqing Police Station. In theYanqing Police Station, all practitioners who refused to give out their names and addresses were pulled out to the open courtyard and exposed to the piercingly cold wind. Several hours later, those who still refused to tell their names and addresses were stripped of their clothing and made to suffer even more from the freezing cold. The police sat in a car to keep watch on them. If a practitioner did not stand straight, the police would get out of the car and kick him. Practitioners who still refused to tell police their names and addresses even after this had cold water poured on their heads. For two days, we stood outside like this for over ten hours until around 1:00AM. The wicked police shocked an old lady with an electric baton and beat her up. As a result, her head was swollen and her face was blistered. Some practitioners were beaten into unconsciousness. A wicked policeman intentionally marked up Master Li's picture and burned it in front of the practitioners. He also put the picture on a stool and forced practitioners to sit down with all his strength, or he would put it on the floor and force practitioners to step on it. Then he would brutally beat the practitioners. [Beijing] Nearly One Hundred Dafa Practitioners from Zuojiazhuang Area Arrested Recently, nearly one hundred practitioners were arrested. It is said that police have a list of names, and that those on the list were arrested whether they did something or not. In addition, 39 ministries and committees of the central government began to hold transformation classes for more than one hundred practitioners who work for these ministries and committees. Each practitioner's work unit is required to pay 10,000 Yuan ($1,200 USD, average monthly salary in China is 700 Yuan) and to dispatch two people to accompany him. The transformation class lasts about two weeks and is held in a guesthouse. Some specialists and scholars are invited to help with the transformation work. The practitioners are allowed to speak. [Suining City, Sichuan Province] Police In Suining City Police Station Illegally Arrest Dafa Practitioners On A Large Scale Since January 3, 2001, the police of Suining Police Station have arrested Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale, especially those practitioners from districts, towns and counties. Up to now, nearly one hundred practitioners have been arrested. The police often arrest practitioners at midnight. If a practitioner is not at home, they will break in, ransack his house, and steal his personal property. The telephone number of Suining Government is (86) 825- 2310655. The telephone number of Suining Police Station is (86) 825-2224933. [Zibo City, Shandong Province] Dafa Practitioners from the Tenth Chemical Corporation Sentenced to Forced Labor Camp Mao Jiangxin, female, is over 50 years old. Around July 2000, police found Master Li's photo hanging on the wall in her house and wanted to take it down. Ms. Mao pledged to protect Master's photo with her life by placing a piece of broken glass on her wrist. Thus, the police dared not take it. Around October 6, 2000, she went to Beijing to validate Dafa and was arrested. She is now in a detention center in Zibo City. Her fellow practitioners from the Tenth Chemical Corporation include Mr. Duan and Mr. And Mrs. Wang (retired) etc. They were also arrested and detained in Zibo City. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] A Dafa Practitioner From Liaoning Arts Publishing House Is Illegally Detained Twenty-nine-year old Li Tianshu is an employee of the Liaoning Arts Publishing House. At the end of December 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. After she was arrested, she was escorted back to Shenyang City secretly and detained in the Ziqiang School. Her work unit and her family have not been informed. She is in a very difficult situation. We call for attention and assistance from kind-hearted people in all the departments concerned. [Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Police Extend Detention of Dafa Practitioners On December 27, 2000, the police of Liwan District, Guangzhou City deceived practitioners into attending a transformation class, telling them they would be released on January 8, 2001. However, it is already January 10, 2001, and the practitioners have still not been released. The police want to extend the transformation class indefinitely. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Exposing the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners by Wuhan City Steel Company [Clearwisdom.net] In December 2000, after many practitioners from Wuhan City Steel Company went to Beijing to appeal, the company has since monitored them 24 hours a day. The company also did not allow them to go home, but made them live in the company's dormatory. During special days such as July 20, October 1, October 28, New Year's Day, and the Spring Festival, practitioners were detained in the transformation classes given by the company for 20 to 30 days, and were pressured to write guarantees renouncing Falun Gong. A policeman said: "Anyone who has ever practiced Falun Gong must be locked up. Even those who have written the guarantees must also be locked up. This is the current situation." The Company's retired practitioners were threatened with termination of their pensions. At the same time, the police sub-station and street office forced all relatives of Falun Gong practitioners to sign the "Agreement of Help and Education." If a practitioner then went to Beijing, the relatives would not receive their pensions, and would be fired by the company. After many practitioners who went to Beijing were arrested and brought back, they asked these relatives to pay the traveling expenses. The practitioners were first detained for 15 days and made to pay 20 Yuan a day, then they were sent to transformation class at 15 Yuan a day. Then they were required to write the "Three No's", guarantees that the practitioners would not go to Beijing, not practice Falun Gong, not distribute Falun Gong literature. "Stubborn" practitioners were sent to labor camps. Right now, any practitioner who goes to Beijing and is arrested and brought back will be directly sent to a labor camp or sentenced to imprisonment. Phone number of Political Affairs Division of Wuhan City Steel Company: 86-27-86893154 Party Committee of Wuhan City Steel Company: 86-27-86892825 The Secretary of Party Committee of Wuhan City Steel Company: 86-27-86892730 Person in charge of the "transformation class": Fan Wenbin; Phone: 86-27-86517313 [Hubei Province] People in Hubei Province Are Disgraced by Hubei Police [Clearwisdom.net] Practitioners who went to Beijing to validate Dafa not only were tortured physically and mentally by the so-called "people's police," but also had their personal belongings illegally confiscated. Recently, several Dafa practitioners were arrested on Tiananmen Square and sent to the Beijing Liaison Office of Hubei Province. The police forcibly searched their bodies. Their main purpose was not to search for Dafa materials, but to look for money and valuable items. One Dafa practitioner only had a little over 100 Yuan [about $12 u.s.]. This dissatisfied "Hubei Province". The police said: "Why do you carry so little money when you travel?" Some practitioners had 300 Yuan or 200 Yuan taken away by police. Even though these confiscations were recorded, the money was never returned. After one practitioner was arrested and brought back from Beijing, he was sent to the "transformation class." On the evening of December 29, he was secretly sent to a detention center, and his relatives were not notified till December 30. On January 1, 2001, a practitioner went to visit another practitioner and was forcibly taken away by a group of plain-clothes police, who also ransacked his home. His whereabouts remain unknown. A young couple has been detained until now for going to Beijing to validate Dafa on December 8, 2000. No one is left to take care of their 2-year-old child, and their parents are sick. We hope that kind-hearted people can help them. Recently, Hubei police went to the ticket office at every train station and forced everyone buying tickets for Beijing to register his/her name, address and telephone number, etc. They hope these actions will prevent Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing. [Shulan City, Jilin Province] Shulan City, Jilin Province Illegally Extends the Forced-Labor Term for Practitioner Song Yanqun [Clearwisdom.net] Dafa practitioner Song Yanqun went to register for a marriage license, and the office stated that she would only be allowed to register if she wrote a promise to quit practicing Falun Gong. Song persevered and refused to write the promise. She went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested while practicing on Tiananmen Square. She was then sentenced to 1 year of forced labor. Song Yanqun has been detained in Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City for 1 year now, but because she refused to be transformed, her term was arbitrarily extended for 4 additional months. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Fellow Practitioners, Please Be Alert To the Disruption of Spies [Clearwisdom.net] Recently, there are some young people of dubious background in Wuhan City who claim to have gone to Beijing to validate Dafa. They know how to get on the Internet and can also provide elegant Dafa materials such as greeting cards, materials printed in color, CD's containing truthful information about Dafa, etc. They also claimed that they really liked working for Dafa, and asked some veteran practitioners to introduce them to other practitioners. They also wanted to organize Dafa conferences, etc. As a result, some practitioners who had contact with these people were arrested or monitored, and this has caused many unnecessary losses. Here let us remind all practitioners that in this special period of history, we should neither be driven by the attachment of complacency, nor leave any openings for the wicked forces to enter. [Qinghe County, Hebei Province] Declaration I am Liang Ziling, a 29 nine-year-old man. My wife, Zhang Yange, is 28. Both of us are residents of Tianzhuang, Baying Town, Qinghe County, Hebei Province, and we are Falun Dafa practitioners. For going to Beijing to appeal, we were illegally sent to Qinghe County Prison and detained with criminals under the death penalty. During that period of time, we were forced to write, against our consciences, the "promises" which let the Teacher and Dafa down, and we deeply regret this! Now, we declare the "promises" are completely invalid and we will cultivate Dafa unto death. Liang Ziling, Zhang Yange January 5, 2001