Targeting students' various situations, Master has given us many serious teachings that reveal to us how we should improve our understanding, from the perspective of the Fa, with regard to reaching Consummation through practicing the righteous cultivation way and with regard to a series of other important matters. He has sincerely and tirelessly taught that steadfastly-cultivating disciples should treasure this special time in which the Fa is rectifying the entire universea time unique in thousands of kalpa (or "jie")and cultivate themselves. To treasure Dafa is to treasure one's own life.

We have selected passages from Master's talk and publicize it here in his original wording (as translated from the Chinese). The boldface words in quotes are Master's.

Master first said:

"I'm happy for those disciples who have stepped forwardfuture great enlightened beingsto validate Dafa during this time that's been over a year. Whether they are imprisoned or lose their human lives for persevering in Dafa cultivation, they achieve Consummation."

These people account for the majority of our students, but there is also a portion of students who have some wrong understandings. Master addressed these mistakes by saying:

"I feel sorry for those people who aren't able to step forward when facing the serious tests amidst the tribulations, and who use various excuses to disguise their fears. Moreover, with the craftiest human ways of thinking, they claim that to step forward is to get involved in politics, to fight with people, and so on. In addition to deceiving themselves with these excuses, they also try to make those who want to step forward waver. There are also some people who say, Why doesn't Master finish this sooner?' Let me use a few human words to criticize them: These people aren't even ashamed to say this!' Those disciples who have been persecuted in the tribulations are waiting, amidst their suffering, for precisely these people! They're waiting for these people to break away from humanness."

Master said: "Why does a person study Dafa? Those people only want to gain from Dafa, and they regard Dafa as a protective shield. While Dafa encounters persecution, while disciples are being arrested, persecuted, and beaten to death for protecting Dafa, what are they doing? While their Master is being slandered, what are they doing? Are they waiting for something good to just fall from the sky? Are they waiting to reach Consummation once the tribulation ends? I'm really worried for them. They have no idea how dangerous the situation is for their true beings!"

"In the midst of the Fa-rectification, a god's single thought about Dafa determines his existence or destruction. Can those who've obtained Dafa regard things as everyday people do? If a person has obtained the Fa but isn't able to validate the Fa, does he still deserve to be a Dafa disciple? No matter how he persists in studying the Fa and doing the exercises' at home, he is being controlled by demons and is enlightening' along an evil path."

Master said: "Some people wanted to wait for Master to spell things out and tell everyone what to do and how to protect the Fa. They have waited for Master to spell things out and tell everyone to go to Beijing to validate the Fa, and for Master to tell them clearly that [they should] clarify the truth to people. Once I spell things out for them, however, what they do is no longer self-initiated and out of their own righteous thoughts. Once the answers are provided the test ends, and those afraid to step forward to validate the Fa forever lose their chance."

Master said: "The students outside of China are just like the students inside of Chinathey are one body. Overseas students' exposing the evil, spreading the Fa, and clarifying the truth are very important. As long as they do well, they are moving towards Consummation as well."

"Actually, if students who have certain high social statuses in China are able to validate Dafa in their own environments by making use of their conditions, thereby not exposing themselves to the evil, they are also validating Dafa in a remarkable way"

Master said: "Instead of [just] studying the Fa, a veteran Dafa disciple today should truly regard himself as a particle of Dafawhile studying the Fa, he should at the same time play the role of a Dafa particle. Doing something for Dafa is the same as doing something for himself. This is the true state, at this time, of disciples who have come through this tribulation."

"This is different from the state of mind of veteran disciples prior to April 25, 1999, when how to study the Fa well and how to obtain the Fa [were key]. That time was about studying and obtaining the Fa; now, in addition to studying the Fa, it's about playing a Fa-validating role when evil persecutes the Fa. He who comes through with determination is a member, a particle of Dafa, and is one who has taken part in the Fa-rectification. He should know how to handle things, and he shines with pure radiance no matter what environment he's in."



Recorded on September 24, 2000
Published on September 26, 2000
Revised on September 27, 2000