On Sept. 13th, a Chinese government media office, under pressure by Jiang Zemin, held a press conference at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Attending the conference were representatives from media, business and consulting agencies from China, America, Korea, and Japan. A very interesting episode occurred during the Q&A session of the conference:

A young Westerner stood up and introduced himself: "I am working in the digital field. I have been practicing Falun Gong for over one year now. Dear Sir, do you think I am evil? Why does the Chinese government severely torture its good citizens like me?"

The entire audience was speechless.

The official responded calmly that he didn't think the young Westerner was evil, and that like him, most of the practitioners in China were all benevolent. But the official added that the Chinese government's banning of Falun Gong was targeted at its organizers.