March 24, 2000

Recently, several pieces of fabricated Jingwen (articles not really written by Master Li) were sequentially put into circulation in Mainland China. The majority of practitioners are able to discern and resist them by following the principle of "taking the Fa as Master." They have played a positive role in upholding Dafa and stabilizing the current situation in China. A very small percentage of practitioners with a confused understanding however, have mistakenly believed in these fabricated articles to various degrees. This includes a small number of practitioners, who have been resolute in the Fa, and have gone to the government more than once to file complaints. They have in fact assisted in spreading these fabricated articles.

Since last April, practitioners in Mainland China, one after another and without the fear of death, have thrown themselves into the great course of assisting the Fa to rectify the human world. What they have done is heroic and moving, and what they have accomplished is encouraging and deserves congratulations. Today, Falun Dafa is rectifying the universe, and its brilliant light is about to illuminate every corner of the cosmos. At this moment when the new is replacing the old, all forces that are outdated and opposite to righteousness will for sure make an all out effort before their demise to interfere and undermine at any cost the process in which the Fa rectifies everything. They will attempt to sabotage and destroy practitioners' process of improvement and reaching completion.

The reason these fabricated Jingwen have gone rampant is the damage from other dimensions being reflected into the secular world. Is it not true that those who believed in the contents of fabricated Jingwen have fallen into the evil trap set by those with ulterior motives? Is it not true that those few practitioners who are spreading fabricated Jingwen are doing a harmful deed? By believing in fabricated Jingwen themselves, they are doing so at the cost of their own cultivation progress. In contrast, spreading fabricated Jingwen obstructs other disciples' possible completion of cultivation, and the consequence is too severe to imagine.

With the Master and the Fa, no evil force will ever be able to undermine Dafa. Many overseas Falun Dafa websites and associations have taken on the responsibility of sharing information between practitioners. The circulation of fabricated Jingwen in China should make every practitioner think seriously, "is it because of something within ourselves that is in compliance with the outdated force, and we have not been able to relinquish it yet?" "Have we in fact fostered the evil demons ourselves?" Cultivation is one's own business, and one's own decision as to what they pursue. A practitioner who has not yet reached completion has both Buddha-nature and demon-nature. Once one's mind is not right, the demon-nature will come into play.

Falun Dafa Bulletin Board hereby reiterates that Master Li has not published any Jingwen since the end of last July. Dafa web sites shall post new Jingwen immediately if there is any. Will practitioners who mistakenly believed in and spread fabricated Jingwen, please wake up immediately and destroy the fabricated Jingwen on the spot.

"Protecting Dafa with your own conduct is forever the responsibility of Dafa disciples, because Dafa belongs to all sentient beings of the universe, and this includes you." -- (<>)