Following are accounts of inhumane, brutal treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners at the hands of police and other wicked people. These are documented, recent, recorded incidents of illegal acts which violate basic human rights, committed against fellow human beings by members of law enforcement organizations from that part of China.

Tens of thousands of Sichuan Falun Dafa practitioners who legally appealed in Beijing were illegally detained, sentenced and jailed and subjected to persecution, torture and abuse. This took place in drug rehabilitation centers, detention centers and labor re-education camps.

During the winter, at Sichuan liaison office in Beijing, when the temperature was 14 0F, for more than 20 hours, practitioners were handcuffed and forced to remain outdoors, overnight. In addition, those officials beat practitioners until they became tired.

In Chengdu City, police officers beat practitioners at the Public Security Bureau and threatened to burn them with cigarette if they would not cooperate.

At the Qingyang Drug Rehabilitation Center in Chengdu, practitioners were stripped to their underwear and handcuffed to the ground, because they refused an order to "run". Others had cold water poured over them in the wintertime and then were forced to remain outside in their wet clothes, handcuffed to an iron gate. To add to the atrocities, in order to keep practitioners from speaking, policemen stuffed practitioners' mouths with toilet paper, socks and dirty towels and even taped their mouths shut. A young policeman used practitioners as punching bags to practice his boxing moves. A young policewoman kicked practitioners in the back with her high heeled shoes. Only aftera young practitioner lost consciousness the second time were the practitoners un-cuffed from the iron gate.

At the Administrative Detention Center in Jiuru Village, an older police officer as well as a young one treated a practitioner in an especially brutal way. After the practitioner had been handcuffed in the yard, the older police officer tortured him with a rubber baton, simply because the practitioner, in spite of his unjust treatment, had a smile on his face. The police baton pounded the practitioner's face, mouth and even his eyes. Then he was beaten in the chest and belly. Other police officer tried to make the offending officer stop, but he would not. He said loudly "I am persecuting Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance; I will even do this to your Master, so what." After this practitioner had been returned to his cell, the other inmates told him "such evil persons should all be sentenced to death." The practitioner said nothing. He simply smiled.

For 20-30 days, all practitioners at the Lianhua Village Detention Center were shackled and forced to wear handcuffs, which severely interfered with practitioners' sleep and bathroom routine.

Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp in Zizhong houses more than 170 Falun Dafa practitioners. They are validating Dafa with any means available to them and are not fighting back when beaten or sworn at. When they were practicing the exercises, they were rushed by police who shocked them with electric batons, which caused severe bruising. These practitioners had to endure other inhumane treatment, such as being doused with cold water in the winter while doing the exercises, even having urine poured over their heads. Others were kicked to the ground, police stepped on their bodies and dragged people by their hair. One of the practitioners by the name of Zhou was thrown into a manure pit to sit there. One of the enforcing units in the camp built an especially designed pool filled with sewage. Every practitioner who chose to do the exercises was forced to sit in this pool from dawn to dusk. The police allowed four or five hardened criminals to severely beat practitioner Li and some other practitioners with bamboo poles. The practitioners were first stripped naked. While this inhumane treatment caused severe pain, bleeding and bruising, the practitioners were forbidden from crying out or screaming.

Practitioner Lai had arrived in the labor camp with a broken leg, the result of severe beatings in a detention center in Leshan.

Again, at Zizhong, the police wanted to soften practitioners into signing the "denouncing statement" by having them stand at attention for more than ten hours straight, or forced them to alternately squat down and stand up continuously for hours, which tired the practitioners to the point of not being able to walk unaided. During the hot summer sun, other practitioners were forced to sit on a stool, without moving, in "military posture" in the detention center yard. Merely blinking their eyes resulted in face slapping. As a result of this enforced sitting, practitioners suffered festering wounds on their buttocks, sunburn and disagreeable body odor from sweating. They were not allowed to bath or go to the bathroom.

The story of practitioner Wang Xiuzhi from Dayan Labor Education Camp in Ziyang.

There were more than 40 male practitioners detained at Ziyang. Back then, before the guards and criminals in this camp knew anything about Falun Dafa, the first twenty practitioners there were brutally tortured.

Practitioner Wang Xiuzhi, believing that all practitioners are innocent people and have a right to appeal, did not cooperate with the police and was therefore repeatedly beaten with a gunstock. He was also forced to stand in the "airplane position" which requires a person to stand with his head as far down on his chest as possible, while his arms and hands are extended as high as possible. He was further forced to submit to being trussed up with string or work next to the head (bad) inmate Wang Yu. When another practitioner intervened by reminding the guards to follow the laws, that person was kicked in the head for his troubles. The following day, Wan Yu, tortured Wang Xiuzhi in front of the guards. The police forced fellow practitioners who commented on the illegal torture of Mr. Wang to stand against a wall. Wang Xiuzhi asked the police, "How can you in good conscience wear a police badge and condone this conduct?" In response, a policeman accused Mr. Wang of calling them "police criminals" which they took as a play-on-words in Sichuan dialect. It was not the term Mr. Wang had intended. Nevertheless, as punishment for Mr. Wang, the police allowed five criminals to truss Mr. Wang up with string, as one would do to a criminal sentenced to death. This torture is especially cruel. The arms, wrists and armpits are tightly tied and then the string is wound round the neck and shoulders and pulled taut. After a while, the string cuts into the flesh. This treatment can even cause death if applied long enough. At the least, it causes permanent injury.

Following that, they forced the practitioner to kneel down while they stepped on his legs, trying to force him to apologize to the government, all the while beating his face with the heel of a shoe until his face bled and was severely swollen. When Mr. Wang would lose consciousness, they would loosen his strings. As soon as he regained consciousness, they would tightly truss him up again. Just like practitioners in China everywhere who are and were illegally detained, brutalized, sentenced and jailed simply for exposing illegal, evil deeds, we practitioners in Sichuan are facing the same treatment

After all these horrible things were done to Wang Xiuzhi, he began his six months hunger strike. Since he had not violated any law, he believed that he should not have been detained. Just as he had in his previous detention, he refused to eat any food provided to him. While on his previous hunger strike, he had also been brutally beaten repeatedly. This time he again would be tortured for his decision. The staff at the camp, assigned to watch him, would force-feed him by crudely inserting plastic tubes through his nose, injuring his upper palate and causing nosebleeds. Not only did they force-feed him this way, they also injected boiled milk into his stomach. During that night, they would roughly cuff both his hands to the edge of the bed and then burn him with a cigarette lighter. The most debased act was force-feeding him with feces and urine.

In August of this year, when Mr. Wang was allowed to be examined by a doctor, he weighed only 25 kilos (about 55 lbs). Because of his severe weight loss, he barely looked human. Barely able to move, because he had sustained several broken ribs, he could no longer take in any food. The doctor said that Mr. Wang had only three days to live. Wang Xiuzhi left this world quietly eleven days later.

The ones responsible tried to deflect blame from themselves, saying that Mr. Wang refused to see a doctor, that Dafa ruined Mr. Wang, etc. They spoke untruth, innuendo und slander.

In spite of all these atrocities committed again Falun Dafa practitioners, they consistently try to validate Dafa with their good behavior.

Practitioner Li was tied with ropes and pulled around outside for more than half an hour as punishment for doing the exercises at night. Early the next day, an officer brought him downstairs, tied him up and forced him to stand in the yard, while beating him with a police baton. A few other practitioners came downstairs into the yard. They were also tied up and forced to face the wall, like criminals waiting for execution. They were all brutally beaten and bore the tremendous pain, but they stood tenaciously as their hands and arms became swollen, turned red and then purple. Other practitioners who witnessed this cried. Since that day, most of the practitioners went on a hunger strike. They hope that through their patient, un-offensive, forbearing conduct, people around them will know that Falun Dafa is a righteous belief system.

In order to get practitioners to take food, the camp authority assigned them to the "strict control" team. While at work during the day, they were beaten. During a four-day period, they were frequently brutally beaten. The practitioners were beaten severely on their back with the metal rods, so that the rods would bend. The next beating would straighten the rods, then bend it again. This action was repeated over and over. Arm-sized bamboo poles were also used to hit practitioners on their necks and backs. A sharp-edged wooden stick was used in addition to the above torture tools. This instrument would cause stab wounds on backs and shoulders.

One wicked person Qiu Wenhao, weapons in hand, attacked practitioners from the back, beating them brutally while shouting: "Do you know where this is? This is hell in the human world." Practitioners sustained bloody injuries. Some had egg-sized, blood-filled lumps on their heads, other suffered injured backs and waists. So severe were their injuries that those people did not regain their uses until four months later. One practitioner, Mei, because of poor eyesight, moved slower than the rest of us. They removed his clothes, made him lie on the ground and for a long time beat him with bamboo sticks. They also used police batons to beat him. The sounds of the voices and the beatings could be heard for quite a distance, but the officials chose to ignore them and did nothing to help the man and still trussed him with string after sending him back to the cell.

For four days, none of the practitioners were allowed to rest. They had to work through the night. Their manual work was in a firecracker factory where waste newspaper was used in the firecracker making process. The demons used additional sodium carbonate powder in the firecracker formula, which was corrosive to practitioners' hands and soon burned their fingers and palms. For 80 hours straight they worked, without food, being subjected to almost continual beatings during that time. The practitioners did not complain, but carried out their work and did not give up, barely able to breathe, thinking: "One hundred tribulations are coming down together." Even the criminals, the real prisoners, were impressed by the practitioners' calm demeanor and encouraged them, saying: "Tolerate it! Hold on until the end! There is righteousness in this world."

After the authorities realized that practitioner would not be compromised, even when facing death, the "severe control" team was called off and practitioners were returned to a regular team, where conditions improved somewhat.

From then on, practitioners there where thereafter no longer brutally tortured, perhaps because the detention center realized that it needs to enforce lawful and civilized regulations.

However, something else happened at this detention center. In July, the Masanjia Detention Center (in Liaoning Province) sent four "buffoons". They tried to force practitioners to write letters denouncing Falun Dafa. Citing so-called "good intentions", the detention center increased practitioners' physical workload and mental re-education. Practitioners were forced to do the filthiest, hardest, most difficult and exhausting work. Some practitioners had to carry more than ten tons of stones a day. In comparison, an Olympic gold medallist lifts only three tons per day. Other practitioners had to push heavy carts filled with soil all day long or work in a brick factory. Yet others had to manufacture glass in the sun in scorching temperatures, sometimes until three or four o'clock in the morning. Several practitioners, for re-education purposes, had to stand in one place for more than ten hours. Other punishments were: without being allowed sleep, they had to run all night, without interruption, for several days or being forced to converse with the evil ones. People were also subjected to forced injections of drugs.

Surprisingly, everyone endured these hardships, tortures and brutal abuses without complaint, believing that "They can kill me, but my heart will not change," even though we saw some practitioners throw themselves against a wall or cut their wrists because they could not endure any longer but did not want to sign the "denouncement letter". As a result of their self-inflicted injuries, their already weakened bodies became even weaker. All of us know that it is not right for a Falun Gong practitioner to commit suicide. All tribulations are caused by karma. Only with an upright mind and persistence can anyone make a fundamental change.

As the ultimate irony, after all these brutal tortures, some officials told practitioners: "We have been too nice to you."

We heard that things at the Xinhua Detention Center in Mianyang City are even more vicious, even as many Falun Dafa practitioners have already been detained there and more are being sent there. We don't know their exact number, neither do we know their exact circumstances at that center.

Falun Gong practitioner You Quanfu, having been released after being "transformed" and continued to practice Falun Gong, was sent to the mental hospital in Pengzhou City.

Sichuan practitioners

November 25, 2000