[Minghui 12/02/2000]
Eliminate Evil

Don't believe the rumor about my going to Beijing. If I do something publicly or publish scriptures1, they're sure to be published on the ClearWisdom (Minghui) website. "Scriptures" that aren't published on the ClearWisdom website are definitely fake. All those who are circulating those types of "scriptures" should look into where the fake scriptures originated from and expose the evil. Moreover, I've heard that there's a pamphlet being circulated in Beijing that spreads nonsense such as: "In the past, it was the students who sought Master. Now, it is Master who seeks disciples." All of these things are more or less the same as fake scriptures. With regard to what's been said in Beijing about a certain person having been "reformed," I would say that he made the choice himself a long time ago.

On the path to Consummation, there will always be tests to see if a person believes in the Fa at his core. That's why during various time periods there will definitely be people leaping out; this even includes those who performed relatively well before. Cultivation is serious. It's precisely during tests that those who don't truly cultivate are eliminated. As for what those so-called reformed ones have said, on the surface they aren't against Master, but in their heart of hearts they are persuading people to stop practicing and studying [the Fa]. When this test concludes, all bad people will be destroyed by gods. Those Dafa disciples who are able to come through the test will leave through Consummation. Those people who'll be left behind will have to eradicate sins by paying, with horrible suffering, for the sinful karma they owe from their entire past; only then will they be able to enter the next stage of history. Dafa disciples have nothing to do with the criteria for the people of the future.

As for what those so-called reformed people say--that cultivators don't care about others--these words cater precisely to those vicious suppressors. If they're upright and decent, why do they dare not let students access the ClearWisdom website? The ClearWisdom website runs positive articles that are truly in accordance with the requirements and that provide guidance on how cultivators should inform people of the truth and regard the Fa correctly amidst the current circumstances. I hope that all Dafa disciples will make themselves become more clearheaded. In this vicious persecution, they have already reached a dead end, and all of the ways and words they've used to reform our students are but gimmicks for fooling kids. I hope that all of you will resist the unsubstantiated information together, and look to the ClearWisdom website for guidance.

I hope that all of you will become more clearheaded on the final stretch of your journey to Consummation, and will leave behind your mighty virtue.

The above was an address from Master to the ClearWisdom website on November 30, 2000.

(Recorded on November 30, 2000, and published on December 1, 2000)

1. scripture(s)--Falun Dafa practitioners use this term to refer to articles written by Teacher Li.

(Note: This translation version is subject to further improvement. Latest update: 12/04/00)