On October 7 (Saturday), over 30 practitioners in Sydney participated in the Community Festival that takes place once every year in Camplelltown. We first demonstrated the five sets of exercises at around 9:30am and then we distributed Dafa materials to people passing by. Many attendees of the Festival showed their interest in Dafa. Several elderly people who had previously practiced Taichi immediately invited us to go to their activity center to teach the exercises. Some people asked when they could attend the seminar and some asked if they could invite us to teach. Most of these kind Australians have never heard of Dafa and they know very little about Dafa. We feel there is still a long way to go to promote Dafa in Australia.

At the Festival we happened to meet the Mayor of Camplelltown and had a long conversation with him. We introduced Dafa to him and told him about the suppression of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin. The Mayor said he has the responsibility to write to the relevant institutions and governments to protect his citizens should any person in his district experience inhumane treatment. Finally, we gave him some Dafa materials and he told us how to get in touch with the local government and how to take part into some local activities.

Australia is a country covering a huge area yet with a very sparse population distributed in counties and small towns. But people living in small towns are often kind and simple people who deserve to hear of Dafa. How to introduce Dafa to these people is our obligation and responsibility. We will take every opportunity to bring Dafa to the more remote areas of Australia.

Practitioners in Sydney

October 7, 2000