(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Xiwen, a Dafa practitioner from the Fengrun District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, was arrested at his home on March 23, 2009. Because he visited foreign websites, the police intended to illegally sentence him. It was said that the Fengrun District Procuratorate approved his arrest. In the morning on April 15, Mr. Wang's family and the two lawyers that they had hired in Beijing went to the Fengrun Detention Center to visit Mr. Wang. The detention center refused to allow them in and told them to talk to the national security team. When his family and lawyers went to the national security team, Chen Ruimin, the team leader, said, "We won't allow you to visit Falun Gong practitioners, since the Falun Gong cases are related to 'state secrets.' The supervisors said they are not allowed to be visited."

At 8:30 a.m. on May 6, the lawyer, Ms. Liu Wei, and Mr. Wang's elder sister and mother went to the Fengrun District Public Security Bureau of Tangshan City to see Chen Ruimin to negotiate for a visit with Mr. Wang. A policeman named Yang An received them. Yang An told them that it was not Chen Ruimin who could decide whether they would be allowed to visit Mr. Wang Xiwen or not. When they asked which supervisor could make the decision, there was no definite answer.

At 9 o'clock, Yang An's colleague asked him for a meeting. Since Yang An had not given an answer as to whether they could visit Mr. Wang Xiwen, his mother was waiting at the door for Yang An to give an answer. Yang An was very angry, and he threw a stool onto the floor twice. After that, he threw the broken stool out the window. After that, he cursed Mr. Wang Xiwen's mother, who is over seventy years old, using all kinds of dirty words.

Mr. Wang's mother could not tolerate Yang An's behavior. She asked Yang An to explain why he cursed her. Yang An was dragged away by his colleague and locked inside the office. Mr. Wang's mother waited outside and asked the colleague to explain to her why Yang An had cursed at her. His colleague, Yang Tao, said that Yang An was not cursing her, he was cursing the law. The situation lasted for over half an hour.

Later on Yang An called Mr. Wang Xiwen's lawyer and allowed the lawyer to come into his office. He apologized to the lawyer for his behavior, but he refused to apologize to Mr. Wang's mother.

Yang An told the lawyer that their decisions regarding Falun Gong cases were dictated by the instructions of the 610 Office. He hoped that the lawyer could understand their situation. As to the lawyer's request to see Mr. Wang Xiwen, he hoped that they could arrange it according to CCP law. However, currently he was not entitled to make any decision. They were told to wait until Chen Ruimin came back and that they needed to discuss it with him before Chen Ruimin could communicate with the supervisors to decide whether they would be allowed to visit.

At 2:00 p.m., the lawyer again called Yang An, who said that he had already called Chen Ruimin, but they still needed to meet in person to talk about the details. The next morning, they would discuss it before they gave the lawyers a definite answer.

The next morning, the lawyer called Yang An, who said, "I am now outside the National Security Team. You go ahead [and visit Mr. Wang]. However, you are not supposed to say that I gave you permission." So the lawyer and Mr. Wang Xiwen's elder sister went to the National Security Team. The moment they got to the office, the National Security Team officers seemed to have been fully prepared. Chen Ruimin said several times, "Go away, we are not to allow you in." Then, four to five people rushed out of the the room. They cursed at and pushed away the lawyer and Mr. Wang's elder sister. The lawyer said, "I came here to see my client." Chen said he wanted to see the lawyers' certificate. After seeing the certificate, Chen said there was no number on it. The lawyer said, "You can go and verify whether my lawyer's certificate is valid or not."

Dong Fucun, the team leader of the National Security Team, talked to Mr. Wang's elder sister as if he were interrogating a prisoner. He said, "Why have you come here?" She answered, "I am accompanying my brother's lawyer." "Who allowed you to hire the lawyer?" "As Mr. Wang Xiwen's sister, am I not allowed to hire a lawyer for him?" Dong said, "You are not allowed to hire a lawyer. You should leave immediately, otherwise we will arrest you." She said, "I came here with the lawyer, and I have to go back with her."

The staff of the National Security Team threatened them. When the lawyer said she would complain about their unlawful behavior, Chen Ruimin answered, "You lawyers dare not complain. If you complain, you'll lose your lawyer's license. Every day, there are many Falun Gong calls, and I just ignore them."

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