I began to practice Falun Gong in 2007 and consider myself a new practitioner. I would like to share my experiences in cultivation over the past two years. Please point out anything that is incorrect in my understanding.

In 2001, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) staged the "self-immolation incident," it made me pay close attention to Falun Gong. Because I live in Guangdong Province, since childhood I have only watched TV programs from Hong Kong and never like to watch programs from the mainland. But whenever there is "sensitive" information in the news, the signal would be cut off, and I could not see what was really going on. 

I saw propaganda about the "self-immolation incident" on hospital notice boards, and, although I do not study medicine, I always felt something about it was not right. How could a person who has been burned be bandaged so much? 

One day in 2004, I received an email, and when I opened it, I found it to be Falun Gong truth clarification material. This was the first time I was able to see positive information on Falun Gong. I read the full text carefully and, with curiosity, I proceeded to download the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

The Nine Commentaries shocked me greatly. It was the first time I had ever seen an article revealing the CCP's evil nature so truly and rationally documented. The CCP has done so many evil things, besides slaughtering innocent and unarmed students on June 4, 1989. 

Although I unavoidably wrote some words that praised the CCP in my school papers, I still believed most of content of the Nine Commentaries. Also, from the truth-clarification email, I obtained the software to break through the Internet firewall, and saw many articles and documentary films about the June 4 Massacre on the Internet. Then it was only a logical progression that I quit the CCP's organizations on the Internet. 

I decided that, after I emigrated to Canada, I would practice Falun Gong. My reason for wanting to move to Canada was because the June 4 Massacre had imprinted such a terrible image in my mind since my childhood and so I set my sights on moving far away from the Communist Party. I think this probably laid the foundation for me to learn Falun Gong.

In 2007, I again broke through the Internet blockade to download programs from NTDTV. One of them really moved me. I had so many questions: Where is Falun Gong from? Why are practitioners so kind? What strength makes them so fearless in the face of death? What makes them willing to give up a happy live and uphold their belief amidst persecution? Later, I learned from the Epoch Times that there was a book called Zhuan Falun, so I found the Minghui (Chinese vesion of Clearwisdom) website and eagerly downloaded it to read.

So, I began to learn Falun Gong through the Minghui website. It is indeed:

"Predestined ties of countless lifetimes

Each has Dafa as its guiding thread"

("The Difficult Path to Godhood" from Hong Yin II, translation version A)

I downloaded all of Teacher's lectures and exercise instruction videos, diligently studied the Fa, and practiced the exercises daily. I basked in the light of the Buddha Fa every day and felt incomparably happy. 

Before I practiced Falun Gong, I had painful menstruations every month and contracted cervical vertebra disease, which flared up every winter. This made me suffer so much. Since I have practiced Falun Gong, I am free of illness, and I feel light and energetic.

I know that, as a Falun Gong practitioner, not only do I need to study the Fa and practice the exercises, I also need to clarify the truth. I bought a printer and other supplies and downloaded the Nine Commentaries and truth-clarification materials from the Minghui website. I printed them, packed them, and distributed them on my own, and I used the Internet to pass on truth-clarification information. In daily life, I explained the facts to people wherever I went, whether at work, with relatives, shopping, or on public transport. During the 2008 New Year holidays, I gave the Nine Commentaries to my elderly relative, as my father's generation was directly or indirectly persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, but I still had fear. My relative reported what I did to my family and threatened my mother, wanting my mother to force me to stop practicing Falun Gong, so I continued to explain the truth to them.

From my personal cultivation, I've experienced the greatness of Dafa. Indeed, "It encompasses everything and leaves out nothing" (Zhuan Falun) Not one of the genuine practitioners is left behind. I thank merciful and great Teacher, who found me in the boundless huge crowd, bestowed Dafa upon me, continuously gives me guidance, does not abandon me, and helps me to catch up with the Fa-rectification process. I thank all the practitioners who've helped me and shared with me on the phone and the Internet.

I would also like to wish merciful and great Teacher a happy birthday! I wish all practitioners a Happy World Falun Dafa Day!