(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners who were illegally sentenced to Hebei Women's Prison were sent to a brainwashing center on the first day. Each practitioner was detained in a room and watched over by two other inmates. The inmates could beat Dafa practitioners directly and used brutal torture according to the guards' orders, in order to reduce their own sentences.

Inside the brainwashing center Dafa practitioners were not allowed to speak with each other or leave, and they were forced to watch videos denouncing Falun Dafa and sing the songs of the communist party. Several former practitioners who had gone astray and renounced Dafa under pressure, including Lan Qizhi, Song Aimin, Yang Yucui, Liu Ruiling and She Qiaoling, continued to try to deceive steadfast Dafa practitioners.

The brainwashing center demanded that Dafa practitioners write reports of their thoughts about Falun Gong and forced them to read them. This continued for a month. Practitioners were brainwashed continuously like this and were only sent to the prison after they were "transformed". If they weren't "transformed", they were not allowed to sleep for several days while being tortured physically and mentally by criminal inmates.

Dafa practitioners who protested by going on hunger strike were dragged away for forced feeding. Some were intentionally dropped on the ground after being dragged several steps. Then the perpetrators would hang up a plastic bottle with a rubber tube attached, and this would be inserted into the practitioner's stomach. When they pulled the tube out, they pulled it hard and it would always have blood on it. After the forced-feeding, the practitioners were very thirsty and did not know what they had been fed.

The brainwashing techniques used on Dafa disciples at the prison have a devastating effect on both body and mind.